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Whats up everyone? just want to ask about something that i was told and just want to kno the deal....i was told that putting a K20z3 (06+ Si motor) intake manifold on my (K20z1 06 RSX-S) will make more power, has any1 else heard of this?


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yes and its faily common practice.. you need to be tuned for it to work other wise it actually takes away
its commonly known as the rbc intake manifold. rbc is its parts petense

here i copied this from clubrsx for you


Okay, there have been a lot of threads in regards to the RBC Manifold. All throughout those threads are dyno charts, questions, answers, and pictures. I am going to try to condense those threads into one sticky in order to cut down on the amount of RBC threads.

Generally speaking, when a vague question is asked, a vague answer will be given. You can’t expect a person to be able to tell you what kind of gains should be expected for your particular application because there are too many different variables to consider. We can only provide you with what we know based on actual instances where the RBC manifold has been applied and dyno tested. The rest of the information contained herein is basic Q&A.

If a mod reads this, please sticky it if you deem it worthy. Also please add any information if I left something out.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the RBC Manifold… what vehicle did it come from?
A: The RBC Manifold originated on the Accord Euro-R but is also found on the USDM Civic Si starting with the 06+ models.

Q: What’s the difference between the PRC Manifold, the PRB Manifold, and the RBC Manifold?
A: The PRC Manifold comes from the 02+ Integra Type-R, which utilizes internal velocity stacks and short runners. The PRB Manifold is the stock Manifold on our USDM RSX Type-S. The RBC Manifold has short runners and higher flow capabilities than the PRB. Much more hi-end power can be made by using the RBC. Think of it this way: RBC>PRC>PRB.

Q: Where can I get the RBC Manifold? What’s the part number?
A: You can find the RBC Manifold on any Honda dealer site, or you can buy them directly from your local dealer. Prices vary from dealer to dealer. The OEM part number is 17100-RRB-A00.

Q: Will the RBC Manifold fit onto my K20A2/K20A3/K20Z1/K24?
A: Yes and no. Yes it will, but you will have to make modifications to it. First things first, you will have to cut off the water passage on the side of the intake manifold for it to even fit. Secondly, if you’re using an aftermarket intake manifold gasket like the Hondata, you have to drill a hole in it for the intake coolant passage. Additionally, you’ll need to use an aftermarket adapter plate like the one made by Karcepts. They have an extensive write-up on how to adapt the RBC manifold to fit the K20/K24 heads with the usage of their adapter plate and a Hondata intake manifold gasket. They also provide OEM part numbers for the gaskets needed. The stock coolant hose is too short in some cases and will need to be exchanged with another factory hose, whose part number is also listed in the write-up. After all is said and done, there are some fitment issues that might need some attention. The throttle may not open all the way if the adapter plate is mounted incorrectly. This can be fixed by unscrewing the adapter plate, and realigning it. The hood may not close properly on some vehicles, but this can be easily solved. The link for the write-up, which is a must read if you’re considering this upgrade, can be found at: Installation Instructions.pdf.

Q: Will I need a Hondata K-Pro in order to run this manifold?
A: No. However, the only way you're going to maximize the potential of the RBC is by tuning your ECU. A K-Pro is HIGHLY encouraged.

Q: Will I run lean if I put the RBC on?
A: It depends on how many mods you have.

Q: Will I need the Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket to run the RBC?
A: No, but it is HIGHLY encouraged. The Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket is made of a hi-temperature resistant plastic material that reduces the amount of heat soak from metal-to-metal contact in the intake manifold. The head and the intake manifold are normally separated by a thin metallic gasket. Under normal driving conditions, the heat from the head is transferred to the intake manifold which causes the air being passed into the manifold to be heated. The conditions worsen under high rpm’s and abuse. The Hondata Intake Manifold Gasket separates the manifold from the head and causes a significant drop in temperature of the air being passed into the manifold which in turn, causes better combustion and improved fuel economy. You can learn more about this at the Hondata website here:

Q: Can I use the stock throttle body on the RBC manifold?
A: Yes, with the use of the Karcepts adapter plate. If an aftermarket adapter plate is not used, you cannot use the stock throttle body.

Q: Can I run the RBC Manifold with boost?
A: Yes you can, with Full-Race's throttle body adapter plate. There may need to be slight modification with the intercooler piping, depending on your application. You can find the adapter plate here:

Q: Will the RBC work with my CAI?
A: Yes, and there is another way to ensure proper clearing. NAPA carries a hose (NAPA part #7940) that allows much more clearance for the CAI. You can find the hose here (no pun intended):

DIY: How to modify a Fujita CAI to work with an RBC: (thanks to Austinite)


Dyno Charts (strictly for reference):
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