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Show me the RIMS!!

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Whats up guys, I'm finally set on buying some rims for my car but I wanna see whats your opinions on the rim that I'm getting. IF you don't like it show me a similar style. I like 5 star rims only. Also something that is light and don't cost tooooooo much either. I'm looking for a set of rims and tires for about $1000.

here is my pick


what do u think?

got something better? post it! :) thanx

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go with rota slipstream, they are played out but they are light and 5 spoke
BTW if you meant to show a pic, it didn't post
he put a link to a pic...
I looooove those rims! If you can get a good deal on the rims on that website ( ?), you should definitely buy them! Man, 5-spokes are so sexy
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yeah those are pretty cool rims
i was thinkin about gettin those, i think they'd look nice with painted calipers also.
hey integra99blue, how much are they selling them at that website with the tire package, i saw them for $699 in 17in with tires.
Mine looks just those but white . I've got the RH Evo. Z5000. I paid about $1400 for the whole package (17" wheels, Kuhmo 205/40 Z rated and shipping. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for there try I think they hooked me up pretty good.
integra00gsr on Aug/01/02hey integra99blue said:
I've tried wheelmax and the wheels that I wanted, they just never seemed to have. I asked about 3 different RH Evo's and none were in stock and they wouldn't even order them for me. Definately try if all else fails. Tell them that Vinny from kansas referred you, they might hook you up.
Those wheels don't look bad at all. Make sure that the will fit your lug pattern. 4x100 is what you're looking for.
i got some rims for ya Joe:
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Those are the SSR Competitions...i've wanted them since i was 16!
SSR competition, another hweel I was thinking about getting
Wow i'm surprised at the responses I've received. Thanx a lot guys. Yea i saw the same wheels at wheelmax and i asked if he had them in stock and he didn't have them in stock. I'm mostly gonna order these the ones posted above. at the whalentire site with shipping and mounting and balancing it will cost me $920 so its def a good deal. Well thanx again guys.

jdmHottie on Aug/01/02 said:
SSR competition, another hweel I was thinking about getting
isn't that a 5 lug nut rim? if so it won't fit.
they make 4-lug
i like the FN-01R from zigen but they don't have 17 in.
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