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If your cable shifter has a lot of play fore and aft, its bushing has deteriorated and there is no part from Honda to repair it unless you want to replace the shift cables. This DIY repair replaces the bushing in the existing cable.

Noisy shifter with lots of play:

Source of this problem:

First, you need to get a replacement bushing to fit the shaft and cable end. I measured the shaft diameter to be 0.317”. The inside of the cable end is 0.394” and its width is 0.235”.

The bushing size needed is 3/8” outside diameter and a 5/16” inside diameter by about 1/4" wide. I purchased some 3/8” diameter Teflon PTFE tubing with a 1/4” inside diameter and drilled it out to 5/16”. I then used a plastic washer between the shaft mount and the cable end. The tubing I used is no longer available from the supplier. However, if I were to do this again I would purchase one of these bearing components:

Note that the inside diameter might be a little tight. You can use a drill to open the diameter up a bit or cut it lengthwise to allow it to slide over the shaft.

Once you have the components, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the shift knob by tugging down on the boot ring to disconnect it and then unscrew the knob.
  2. Remove the shifter cover. Open the cup holder and tug upward on the shifter cover and then carefully pulling up on the sides to free the retaining clips.
  3. The shift cable is connected to a shaft on the shift lever. Rocking the shift lever fore and aft will expose any play in this connection. You will likely see debris from the failed bushing at the base of the shift lever. See photo 1.
  4. Remove the cotter pin that retains the washer and cable end on the shaft.
  5. Remove and inspect the retaining washer which is steel with plastic on one side.
  6. Slide the cable end off of the shaft and wipe off any debris from the shaft and inside the cable end. See photo 2.
  7. Slide the plastic washer onto the shaft followed by the bushing. If using a flanged sleeve bearing like the component from McMaster-Carr, slide the bearing onto the shaft flange-side first. See photos 3 and 4.
  8. Apply some lithium grease to the bushing and then slide the cable end onto the shaft. See photos 5 and 6.
  9. Apply some lithium grease to the side of the cable end and slide the retaining washer onto the shaft, plastic side first.
  10. Insert the cotter pin and bend the ends around either side of the shaft. See photo 7 and video below.
  11. Replace the shifter cover and reinstall the shift knob.

This completes the repair.

No more play:



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nice job, I ended up replacing the cable both times a few years back on my sister's and on my old 7th gen civic when I had this problem. I was initially pissed about not having a separate bushing for this.
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