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So I'm always figuring out away around d stupid high priced parts. I'm tired of the paperclip or short piece of 20ga wire stuck in the ecu scs jumper, to set timing. So I looked on the net, expecting to see 5.00 shipped. HaHa 11.50 to over 20.00 bucks.
It's a little plastic .25 at best to manufacturer.
So Ebay has these for 5.50 for 2!
* look up Metra 72- 7802

View attachment 105588

View attachment 105590

They work perfect!

View attachment 105591

Next cut, solder, heat shrink and now we have an ETCG special!

View attachment 105592

One for your toolbox, or glovebox and one for a teg / hondee bro.

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How many times does someone need to adjust timing that people get tired of utilizing a paper clip or a jumper wire? Just a thought: If timing needs to be adjusted over and over in which a specific jumper connector needs to be purchased, then that person's issues extend well beyond a jumper connector.

Now, I could see an Acura/Honda technician utilizing something like this, but dealerships don't see these cars much in their shop anymore

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I saw it on ETCG video and thought it was a handy device.
Just thought it was a handy addition to the community here.
But thanks for your thoughts.
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