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s3 light blinking

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im postin this for my friend. he has a 93 integra auto and his s3 light is blinking. he was told that its a tcm code(?) and has to watch the blink pattern. he told me that he watched it for 2 min and it just had steady short blinks and didnt see any kind of pattern. any ideas guys?
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count the blinks: that is your code. by the way does the
speedometer work?
he tried to count the blinks but its steady blinkin 1 blink every 2 seconds. he watched it for 2 min straight he said, and the speedo does work. does it mean anything when it just straigt blinks like that?
nevermind...he figured it out
danteisme on Feb/04/04 said:
nevermind...he figured it out
U might want to post what he figured out. I'm sure there is/will be other members with this same problem.
i had the problem too..but it was bc when i installed my indigo gauges..the spedometer cable wasn't all the way in..and like yea..u get the picture?
well, i take that back..he may not have figured it out. from what he told me he was lookin at something wrong and now he's gonna wait until tomorrow to check again. i dunno...i dont have a G2 or an auto so im in the dark here...wish i could explain it better
I too have an S3 blinking problem but in order to be able to count blinks to refer to diagnostic code you have to be looking at the right blinking light first---the one under the passenger side carpet. Count those blinks/dashs and go from there.
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