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s2000 antenna

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s2000 antenna on 2k GSR photo albums

Here's pics of my gsr with the s2000 antenna. I did the lazy man's install. It wasn't quite 30 minutes though, it takes awhile to get it apart if you've never taken the trunk back right panel apart. Other then that, go about 2 or 3 little links down on the antenna, cut it, crimp it a bit and put the antenna in, push down, use adhesive silicon (black or clear, black looks better)

Let me know if you have any questions...
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So you just pulled out the antenna, left the silver ring on it, and glued the new antenna down with black adhesive?? Do you have any actual antenna hook up to it or is it purely cosmetic? Looks good. I have the s2000 mast, just havent gotten around to actually slapping it on.
Yeah, it's all functional..But yes, I crimped the antenna around the mast. and than push the original metal antenna down and than use the adhesive silicon (black preferabbly clear works, this is a a key point) to keep it on the silver ring. I could have taken the silver ring off but I don't think it's worth the trouble. Not sure if I said this, but I did not take out the power antenna..Ijust disconnect the power and then cut the first few links on it. You want to leave the link that looks big enough for the little screw part of the s2k mast to easily fit in it, then crimp it tight.
nice! i really like it..where did you purchase it at! thanks

I REALLY recommend these people, they are quick, I live in Georgia they are in California, they got me the item in 2 days I ordered on a sunday I had it on wednesday

$18.98 with shipping and all. The install doesn't take anything extra at all the way I did it.
too bad you did it the lazy mans way and left that silver ring on. I just did an S2000 antenna swap on my gen 2 and it looks pretty good without that darn silver ring
Thanks for the info looks good!!!!!!!!!!1
nice, but dude, take off that carmax crap. like your car though, I have a thing for black gsr's.
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Well I have to leave the back carmax crap on...I'm going to take the front soon as I get around too it, I keep meaning too, just keep forgetting, but obviously, the back has to stay on.

I think the silver ring looks fine. It almost adds some sort of "mercedes" look too it, because mercedes uses silver accents like that on their antenna and all, either way I don't think it looks too bad.
why do you have to leave the back carmax on?
how much did it cost u to buy the s2000 ant.
metal ring

so by doing it the lazy mans way, if i understand what your saying then you ruined your power antenna? If you would of taken 5 more mintues and taken the silver ring off you would still have a working power antenna. I put my s2k antenna on, did it the right way and it only took like 20-30 minutes. Mine is slanted as well(like the real s2000 has), doesnt look like yours is slanted much..if at all.
should of done it the correct way the first time..IMO

heres mine:

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well i'm glad to hear that there's another alternative for install, never heard of this one and i've been looking at doing this for a while. i've had my antenna for almost as long as i've had my teg... ha!
You can always paint the metal ring anyways.

Does anyone have the site/link for the install?There was a guy who sold complete kits...

Oh, the antenna looks really good on black Integs...nice.=)
I like it. Nice job.
I could still remove the metal ring if I so choose. And an extra 5 minutes. Let's be realistic, first off, I have to go to Home Depot and get all the parts, secondly, I have to go buy a 5mm tap, which I have thousands of dollars worth of tools and i don't have one of them.
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