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Firing up this thread on the behalf of my buddy, who acquired "Sonic" from @MorningZ. His job keeps him on the road a LOT, and the majority of the work on this car will end up happening in my garage, so we'll collectively work together to keep this thread updated.

This shall be the story of the car "Built by Steve, Bought by Steve".

Car's Original Running Log here

I've had the luxury of seeing and riding in this car a few times. My buddy went into this purchase nearly blind to what he was acquiring, knowing he was getting a good deal, with a ton of history, and knowing it'd need some TLC. This purchase makes the 4th Integra he will have owned. He currently owns another Integra with a Turbo GSR setup, making approx 350 whp. He initially was thinking of re-working the car a bit, to make it more friendly for street use. After seeing first hand all of the work, and gaining a surface level view of all of the history this car has, he had a quick change of heart, and wants to leave as much of the car intact, as-is, and work to further enhance it. He's not previously attended any track events, but I can guarantee you this car will see some track time somewhere in 2018.

To summarize our week... Monday we drove my Integra up to Cincinnati, caught a couple of flights to end up in Central Florida. Picked up a U-Haul Truck and Trailer Tuesday morning, handled all of the notary paperwork requirements, and took off on the 800 mile drive from Central Florida to Central Kentucky. It was 3 AM Wednesday morning by the time I ended up back in my driveway. Was a heck of a journey in a governed truck, with a lot of elevation change, absolute junk for headlights and wipers on the truck, and lots of traffic delays. The car survived the journey just fine. My buddy applied insurance to the car, had the out-of-state transfer inspection completed, registered, and tagged by mid-day Wednesday. Wednesday night, drove back to Cincinnati in my wife's Explorer to retrieve my car.

Updates on the car itself...
  • It had roughly 10 miles on it since the last motor re-build when we transferred ownership. We need to finish the process of breaking the motor in, and accumulated approx. 100 miles on it yesterday.
  • Clutch Master Cylinder was replaced very recently, and needs to be "adjusted back in".
  • Something is awry with the IACV. Car was wanting to idle at nearly 2000 RPMs. Through a series of checks, confirmed it is definitely the IACV at fault. We have a few spare parts, and a new plug we're going to solder in place, that will hopefully calm this down.
  • Noticed the start of a very minor oil leak in and around the distributor itself. Everything else seems solid.
  • Have new softer inserts in hand for the HASport motor mounts. On the fence if they'll get installed.
  • Ordered a new weighted Skunk2 Weighted Billet Shift Knob
  • Ordered a set of Nitto Neo Gen tires, to have something more street and cold road friendly. Car will not get out and play in the snow and salt, but needed something fresh that is better equipped for all seasons.
Things that will be tended to in the coming months...
  • Locate an OEM front driver side fender. Have connections locally to paint match, and plan to touch up some other rough spots in the paint.
  • Get the car a brush up re-tune. With the addition of the new higher-compression pistons and new adjustable cam gears, want to make sure all is healthy, and optimized. Watching gauges so far, and babying the car so far, the current tune can't be far off, but we'll get it checked out soon.
  • We are making plans to attend the 2018 Dragon Run with this car
We'll do the best we can to keep the log running, and continue to do the car justice for the long haul!



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Some part numbers that I should have added to the notes I gave Steve:

Belt Alt: 4PK840 (330K4)
Belt: A/C: 4PK880
Belt SC: 4PK620
Front Brakes: Wearever Platinum PNAD503 (Type R)
Rears: PXD564H (GSR)
Brake duct hose: link

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