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Rpm Goes crazy.

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Hello, good morning/evening.

I've been having problems with my car these days and I haven't been able to resolve it.

I don't know how to explain it. I recorded it and I just don't know what or why it does that. I'm lost of words and it's literally halting my progression on fixing the car.


Here's what the problem.
When it twitches like that, I also feel the engine buck like it misfires. Also. Sometimes.. and I mean SOMETIMES it twitches when its cold. I have to rev it up just for it to stop twitching.

Someone. Please help me find out what's wrong with it?
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It's your ICM (ignition control module). Replace it along with your ignition coil. Your description & video are common signs of these needing to be replaced. And yes they will cause misfiring along with the tach jumping.
The dizzy is brand new. Will it still get problems?
The dizzy is brand new. Will it still get problems?
If it's cheap aftermarket junk, quite possibly.
new I have replaced the icm and the coil from the dizzy. It lasted close to 2 months without no problems. Then last night, I'm getting the old symptoms again.

This happens like 80% of the time.

Sometimes when I am rushing and I don't warm the car. By the time it's in operating temperature. The rpm will flicker.

When I am on the freeway. A steady 70mph, (3k Rpm on the engine.) The Tach will flicker. Then for a quick nano second will spudder. But then catches itself. I'll put it on neutral and give it a few revs. It will spudder, the tach would twitch crazy. I have to do it a bunch of times to get it normal again.

Also when it's at it's worse. It will be spuddering like crazy, I'll loose power as it continues to spudder. Ill let go of the accelerator and I'll see the tach twitch and twitch, but the engine would not die.

I've done a lot to my car. I mean A Lot. You can name it, I've done all of what I can do... I just don't know what else I can do.

I replaced the dizzy. (Even replaced the internals, Cap, Rotor, lgnition Control Module, Coil.)
I replaced the IACV.
I replaced the Throttle Position Sensor.
I replaced the Spark Plugs, and Wireset.
I replaced the Injectors.
I replaced the Fuel Pump, and Filter.
I replaced the grounds.

Can anyone please help?
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Sounds like your ICM and/or coil are faulty again. Cheap parts?

Lastly, why wait until you're having problems again to update your thread on what was originally wrong? Problem solved and didn't want to come back to the site?
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