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So.. I bought an '89 a couple months ago. When checking out what I needed to replace/fix I noticed the engine shifted significantly when shifting between P R N & D (mainly D). So, bought a new rear engine mount since I could easily see from the top that the left and right ones were still in decent condition. When the old one came off I saw it was actually still in good condition (not broken like I'd assumed). Regardless, I tossed the old one and installed the new one. Turned out I got the wrong one for my chassis and eventually ordered a new correct one. Once installed I went for a drive. Thats when the issue stated. When at a rest in drive the engine shakes and resonates through the whole car (at times it is a mild shake, but most often it is a violent shake that sounds and feels like metal on metal vibration).

Ive since replaced the other mounts, all 4 belts, spark plugs, wires, and most recently, the distributor. When I was timing the new distributor I found that the car idles low (about 600 when warmed up). I dont know how to raise the idle without touching the factory set screw which another forum thread said that's a No-No. I'd like to get the idle to 700 or 750 because the shaking mostly stops around that point. And specs say to set the timing with the idle at 700+-50.

I dont know what else to address and all of my researching is telling me the shake is likely a broken mount or bad timing.

Does anyone have any insight or advice for me?

I should add, the shake mostly goes away when I shift into neutral. It's just at idle in drive. Take my foot off the brake and start to roll and it stops.
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