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Whats up guys glad to get to introduce myself and my car my names Robert.
This is my first car a 1994 Acura Integra Ls 4A/T Repainted Night Hawk Black Pearl (B92-P) B18b1 Non-Vtec
I got it bone stock with 144610 original miles. (UPDATE) After owning this car for 18 months now i only have 1491XX miles

Engine-Stock (Im getting a swap)

F&F Type 1 Coilovers
Function7 Rear Lower Control Arms
Function7 Brace
Beaks Reinforcement Kit
BuddyClub Fr & Rr Camber Kit
22mm ITR Rear Sway Bar
Hardrace Complete Bushing Kit
Hardrace Rear Toe Kit
Moog Ball Joints
Moog Inner/Outer Tie Rods

Jdm HiD Front 98 Spec.
Shaved Side Moldings
Shaved Antenna, & Roof Nozzle
DB8 Door Handles
98+ Tail Lights
Password Jdm Rear Wiper Delete

The Retrofit Source HiD High & Low 6k & 43k 35w

No Bs Brake Kit

Black Interior Swap
Black Recaros
ITR Rear Seats
NRG 3.O Quick Release
Momo mod 8. Steering Wheel

Currently Working On-

Suspension and sourcing out parts for my 5 speed swap

Saving for a swap then,
Auto to Manual Swap

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i love the look of your car it looks clean !!!!!
i need to switch my tan interior too
fyi i would block licence plate next time

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DAAAAAMMMMNNNNNN! I have done a lot to my teg but one thing i have yet to do is paint it and seeing this car just made me want to paint my teg so bad!!! Nice looking car man! As far as the blades go at least i know im not the only one who put out the extra green backs for a new set!!! you should def do that auto to manual swap soon man you'll love it and its really not that hard. A few suggestions i would recommend would be the 4 door rear door handles which dont have the key holes in them and the RS interior door handle bezel which doesnt have the interior chromish lock unlock button both are pretty cheap and ad some security. Overall nice car man

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Yea trust me those are already on my list in added security
I have a super lOng list of things to do already planned
The auto to manual swap is always getting pushed back because I don't have or know someone with swap skills
You have all the tools to complete it on this website dude. I've over seem 2 auto manual swaps and it's really not that hard. Aside from actual hand tools everything is on Honda tech and TI. If it wasn't because I didn't live so far I'd be down to help you out bro.
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