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Hey everyone,

My name is Mike, I live in North Carolina. I've been the proud owner of my Integra for about 10 years now. Like many of you I have put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make this build what it is today.

Currently I am in a contest to take this beauty to SEMA! There are 8 people left in this bracket style challenge hosted by PASMAG.

Basically people go to a link, log in with their facebook(easiest way) or create an account.
Then they click the star located beneath the picture of the car to vote.

Voting can take place every 24 hours. Currently I am against a LS swapped G35, so the competition is tough. This round ends on Oct 7th at 2PM EDT.
It would be amazing to represent the honda/acura community at SEMA. If you could vote for me that would be awesome ??

Next thing I am working on is a trunk setup for my airbag system. Anyone have some cool setups they want to share?

you can find me on instagram as well : alkaline8214
Follow me and ill follow back. I love seeing other peoples builds to inspire me.

IMG_20190922_165532_165.jpg image1.jpeg IMG_20190926_203531_077.jpg
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