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revving idle

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hey guys ive researched and researched and i need help. when i start my car my caR idles a 3500rpms then 2 seconds later it bounces from 2000 to 3500. back and forth. it just started today when i was driving and when i would push in the clutch while driving it would jump to 4000 and just idle there. i have :
cleaned the fast idle valve and tightened it
cleaned the iacv
the throttle cable is not stuck
im so confused.
ps: its a boosted 2.0 ls-vtec just had it dyno tuned last weekend if that helps any
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I have a similar problem myself, I've got a starting 2k -2500 after a few minutes it goes down to around 750 , and then after ac or heat is turned on it drops to like 400.
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