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For those who need to know the difference between the 2 main Cast Manifolds that Allow for A/C..and the one without A/C

O.k. Let me see if I can break this down for those that want to know about Rev Hard Manifolds. Rev-Hard creates two different manifolds that are A/C compatible and one type that is not..

This first one here RHC-18BAC

Is one of their first compatible A/C manifolds that are used. Notice how the flange opening on the manifold is "crooked" to supposedly allow the turbo to set itself slightly away from the block to eliminate the need to shave the webbing on the block (I'm Assuming you're using a T04E Compressor cover). You'll know the difference because the placement of the wastegate flange on the manifold is set right btween runners 1 & 2. This could cause a problem in which you would need to create an elbow to the flange in order to change the direction of the wastegate. This is only necessary on DC2 Integras (USDM) that are utilizing an electronic boost controller due to the fact that the "nipple" in which the hose for the EBC would fit may possibly not allow clearance of the hood.

Now this second one, RHC-18BDR is their second manifold that is A/C compatible, and is considered to be the DRAG replacement. Same design, but because they moved the flange 2mm to the left of the 1st runner, it doesn't cause any boost creep like the DRAG unit. This one has the wastegate so that DC2s can close the hood w/o the need of an elbow to relocate. It gives a little more clearance on the hot side, but because the flange outlet itself is parallel w/ the rest of the manifold, and you're using a T04E on a B-series motor facing the passenger side, you may have to not only shave the webbing on the block, but also purchase an additonal Head flange and longer bolts to "push" the manifold further out from the block.

To eliminate this, especially if you're in the market for a new turbo, You could get the turbo that you want and possibly house it in a T04B housing, which is slightly smaller, but you can still use the same size compressor and turbine wheel combinations as you had before.

The 3rd one is the log manifold w/o any A/C ..RHC-18BT4
does not allow for A/C at all, and in many cases, in order to eliminate the need for additional pipes and dumptubes for the wastegate placement, allows the compressor to be facing the driver's side. (Many people consider this backwards, but in actuality it allows for a more direct angle for the downpipe, and can allow for the wastegate tube to be merged with the downpipe itself.)this is used for those that don't plan on keep A/C (naturally)and is efficient to over 650hp for efficiency and flow. Most of these are T3 Flanged, but have options for T4 flange as you can see the 2 sets of bolting holes in the pic above.

The Last one is for K-SERIES motors, including RSX/CIVICSI/ and Honda Element

This manifold is for use on a T3 flange, and is capable of about 500hp, and is made specfically for that engine bay which is REALLY cramped. I believe it allows for A/C and Power steering w/o a problem.

When people talk about a "Rev Hard" Log Style Manifold, I don't want to sound picky and *****y, but I'd really wish people would get specific as to which one they use, are curious about gettting, or general knowledge. If they're not sure post a pic, and state what Chassis code they're using. (For us, mainly DA6, DC2 and DC5) It would help so that people can make sure when we help them out we're all on the same page of information.
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