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removing exhaust B pipe

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I am doing the short shifter install right now, but I can't seem to get the bolts that connect the B pipe to the cat and axel section off. I tried pulling really hard, but I don't want to break anything either. Is there a secret to this, or do I just need to pull really hard?
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You dont need to take off the B pipe. one can remove the shifter with out it. It takes some fiddling/prying but can be done.
Your 2001 LS is still pretty new. Bolts should not be rusted and seized.....but I won't be too sure. Get some penetrating oil in there and a breaker bar.
This has been covered before do a search for more help. I would remove the b-pipe.
ok, I got both of the bottom bolts off of the triangle flange thing on the catalytic converter, but can't get to the top one. The heat shield is in the way. Is there a way to take it off, or does that just make it more complicated than it should be? Any advice is extemely appreciated.
Do a search and you will find out how to remove that bolt.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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