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Relocating engine ground question?

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Ok, im getting an alarm system put in my car. I heard the tegs can be broken in to with an alarm by reaching in the bumper and cutting the ground so the alarm doesnt go off!! My question is, is this true? and if i wanted to relocate it how would i go about doing this? what would i need, any articles on this, pictures? thanks!
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the only ground you can get too are the trans and the valve cover ground. But once they are in your teg all they have to do is pop the hood and cut the main ground
I am not sure if that is true but imo: the battery is where the power will be drawn from and the battery has a direct connection to the chassis for its ground. The positive side will be connected to the alarm, thus creating a complete circuit. If you do, don't relocate it, just add another one. Any bolt attached to the engine should work fine and you can use regular speaker wire. Make sure the wire is somewhere that will not be rubbing on any hot parts.
theres also a way to back up your alarm powerwise, also you shoudl really really read the relocating your hood cable article, great way to add some good security to your teg.


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