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Rear wheel well rusting

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I'm curious to know if anyone has found a solid fix for the infamous rear wheel well rusting that occurs on many hondas. Integras come with a tight fitting rubber seal inside the rear wheel well that seem almost water tight but I've heard from some folk that you should remove it as it gathers sand, grit and water over time and will speed up the rusting problem. Has anyone had the problem on their 96+ Integra and if so did you remove the seal?
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I have this problem on my 95 integra. I pulled off the rubber seal to see it filled with road salt
After taking the rubber off the rust has slowly been increasing which i'm going to have fixed in a month or two.
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Do these rust there in Florida as well?I would be surprised, as to think it was just here in the north that they rust due to road salt.

Waxing a car involves more than just the doors and hood- door jams, cracks, crevices, and that spot mentioned above.Keep it from starting if you can!!
anybody have any more input on removing the rubber piece in the rear wheel well or not? i live in the bay area where there is rain but it doesnt snow so there is no salt on the roads.
Well I've got 2 Gen2 and I've removed it on both. But I'm also up north where they salt the roads. The way I see it, it's just another spot for the salt to sit and slowly collect then to start eating away at the body.
what about in places like where therse rain but no salt on the roads? i believe the rear body quarter panel is spot welded onto the frame's sheetmetal and the connection is where that small piece of rubber there. Since spot welding doest seal out water all the way i think the rubber was there to prevent water from getting inside. i guess?
I did a while ago. It seems to have slowed the rust. once you take it off you have to remove the rust and paint it with primer and some kind of rubberized anti-rust paint to prevent stone chips. I was told to do this by a body shop.
yea i did the same thing, took the rubber off in August, and there was so much salt that came out of it. Im saving right now for painting the whole rear end (both rear quarters) and that rubberized paint
I had the same problem in my 94.. for a couple hundred dollars you can have a body shop weld in some new metal and repaint it, but as I was told, it's going to come back in a few years, it's just a temporary fix. The only way to get rid of it completely is to replace the whole quarterpanel ("luckily", I got into an accident and got the whole quarter replaced for free, hehe)
sadly it's very common on all hondas
little more info
My car is guaranteed against rust for life. Can't beat that for 300 bucks.
no salt in the bay area, should these be taken off anyway? I think water is inside my quarter panels because i had them off earlier when i was rolling the fenders.
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