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rear suspension woes

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well my car was in the shop to get tockico's installed , when they got to the rear they said they wouldnt touch it because the bolts are seized and they will snap , they are saying the labor to install a poly "fix" it kit is going to be alot , and i should just get new LCAS>?? any ideas..

or should i just get a used set of rear lcas?

** also the tuning shop was saying my springs are wrong ? ( with the assembly put together , tockico and suspension tech spring , there was LOTS of play , and the spring was loose by inches , and still is even a little loose when the car is on the ground ... any one had problems like this before

basically once the car is put back on the ground the weight of the car pushes the assembly more together , but still .. its not tight
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Search for LCA bolt
That should give you some ideas, I personally didnt have any problems with mine..So I dunno.
yes, i am having the same problem w/ my bolts being seized. i am trying to have mine torched out. i bought a new bushing kit for $17.00 at nopi b/c it obviously will get torched to and need replaced. i was quoted $74.00 per/hr. at one place, and $54.00 per/hr. at another.
I got a friend who is going through the same problem. His LCA bolts were seized also. So he tried harder and the bolt snapped. Anyway, you can get a poly urathane bushing kit for $40 ish. might want to look into that, along with some new bolts...good luck!
hey also, at the shop when putting my tockicos and springs together , he USED my stock steel dust shield .. i told him i didnt think it went in there but he said it shouldnt bottom out ?

umm shouldnt that not be in there like the article sais
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