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Hey guys just want to share my problrm with my 3 month old aluminium Radiator.

The dowel where you attach the throttle cable bracket came of the radiator. Leaving a hole on the top of my radiator. Not good when going to work. So 40min trip took me 2 1/2 hrs. After trying everyway to plug the hole, I found an ALlen key that fitted the hole. So I finaly got the car to a radiator place where they welded the hole up and approx US$100 later my car is fixed. So I decided to email the manufacturer, with photos, about the problem.

Their reply was "talk to Honda about that". What a smarta*!$ reply. I think what the hell does Honda have to do with this

So i am trying get refund of the cost of fixing the radiator from the manuafacturer but I dont think I will have any luck.

So by the email I received, I dont think customer service is a priority.

Here are the pic's. Also stick to your local Aluminium Radiators not ones from over the Pacific.

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