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All other contact/payment info is at the bottom of the post.

MOMO Hub, and Race Spec Quick Release Spacer -- $120- Quick Release ^60- Momo Hub OR $175 for the combo
-Fits 94-01 teg's
-Splined quick release
-Ball bearing lock
-NO SLOP, NO "LOOSENESS" (unlike Tekniq)
-Extends the steering wheel about 1 inch

*I bought this for my car, but it was recently stolen, never got to put it on*

Here is the set (2 quick releases shown 1 is sold, I bought 2 at the time)

A pic of it installed in my friends car

I ship anywhere
Buyer pays shipping
Prices do not include shipping

Types of payment accepted:
-Paypal (+3%)
-Paypal ID: [email protected]
-Money Order
-Checks (Personal and Cashiers)
-Cash (Local pick up)

Vouch Thread:
Good Seller List:
Refs: NAR Cd7 Lude, NA gsR 05 C, 96 GSR Boy, GSR Inteqras, Chris EK, b2finity, dual cams, EVOL, 9d9GSR, sparkz, SpooGen PwR, Spoon20, Silverdc2, TeamSTEALTH GSR, Sinatra, ebelp, Black HB, Suk02si, krazipeenoi, Hype-aaaRRRR, projecthybrid04, Airbag Club...Much much more.

Contact me for any further other questions:
Contact Source:
Aim: NAR Dc2 R 727
Email: [email protected]

711 Posts
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95BXGS-R on Feb/08/04 said:
Hey I am seriously thinking of putting 1 in my teg. I just have 1 question, how did the wiring for the horns hold up. Was the wiring easy?
Wiring is very easy.. its only 1 wire.
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