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hey MD, ive read your article many many times about LSA.
and this chart seems backwards to me. unless my definition of tighten and widen are wrong..:)
but if tightening the LSA means more overlap,(+ex timing and -int timing) then shouldnt that mean higher rpm band, less max torque,less cyl pressure? seems like tighten and widen should be switched.???

Summary of the Effects of Adjusting Lobe Separation Angle ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
| Tighten .................................| Widen

| Moves Torque to Lower RPM | Raise Torque to Higher RPM
| Increases Maximum Torque | Reduces Maximum Torque
| Narrow Powerband | Broadens Power Band
| Builds Higher Cylinder Pressure | Reduce Maximum Cylinder Pressure
| Increase Chance of Engine Knock | Decrease Chance of Engine Knock
| Increase Cranking Compression | Decrease Cranking Compression
| Increase Efective Compression | Decrease Efective Compression
| Idle Vacuum is Reduced | Idle Vacuum is Increased
| Idle Quality Suffers | Idle Quality Improves
| Open Valve-Overlap Increases | Open Valve-Overlap Decreases
| Closed Valve-Overlap Increases | Closed Valve-Overlap Decreases
| Decreases Piston-to-Valve Cl. | Increases Piston-to-Valve Cl.
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