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Question for you FI guys.........

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Hey what's up everybody. I just had a really quick question for some of you guys. Im going turbo and Im going to be pushing well over 500whp but not exceeding 600whp. Ive been having trouble trying to figure out what clutch to go with and I was just wondering if some you guys can point me in the right direction or give me some of your opinions on what clutch to use. Thanks alot

97 Integra Gsr
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yeah i think that would be a good j/k
just search around and check the rating on the clutches to see what kind of hp and torque they can hold. Exedy are really good clutches and so are CM check those out.
Twin disc
Thanks been looking at the Exedy twin disc............pricey really pricey. But hey u get what you pay for. Thanks guys
the exedy twin disk is the only one that is a bolt on and go. you do not have to trim any part of the tranny casing like you would have to do with the Tilton or the CM. here is a link with all the info i started about a month ago.
ht thread
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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