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Pictures can be found here.

This is to show other members my sideskirts I painted a few weekends ago. I painted them with Duplicolor's Silver Metallic (Made for trucks/suvs as labelled) from Wal-Mart.

It gave a very satisfactory match, however, after doing the sideskirts I realize that Duplicolor's Ultra Silver Metallic (for trucks/suvs) probably was the closer match.

GNUsh*t and someone else suggested to use Krylon #1301 bright silver and Seymour fresh-n-quick aluminum. GNUsh*t used Seymour fresh-n-quick aluminum and was a much better match than Duplicolor.

When you look at the sideskirts from a distance they match. When you look at them and you don't know they're not painted by me, they match. When you have a shadow on your car, they match. When you look at it from above or below, they match.

If you haven't spotted the trend yet- unless you're anal retentive, you won't notice or mind the slight color difference. The biggest reason Duplicolor won't look right is because it reflects blues and cool colors better than warm colors. VSM reflects the warm colors better (yellows and reds and oranges).

I am extremely pleased with the way they came out.

These were my steps:

1. Take off the sideskirts using the Sideskirt Removal Article.

2. Clean them well.

3. Sand them down with 400, then 600 grit sandpaper.
* This is an extremely important step. I didn't sand it completely smooth in some areas and the paint was just as rough as its surface. So, if you can, I would recommend using an electric sander with 800grit to rape those pieces smooth.

4. Depending on smoothness you want, you can use 800 grit. I chose to stop at 600 since I didn't have any 800 grit.

5. Prime the pieces well. I used Duplicolor sandable primer. Not really important on the color, but use at least 3 layers.

6. Spray with paint (in this case Duplicolor Silver Metallic) until you have the coat you want.

7. Clear coat. I used one 5 oz. bottle of Duplicolor clear on each skirt. Not quite fond of Duplicolor's clear coat.

8. Reinstalled. Smiled. Thought it was good and called it a day.
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