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Prestige Alarm Install

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Hi guys,

I'm going to install the prestige APS-155CH on my 97integra RS, along with door actualors and trunk release.

This is my first time installing alarm. I've done some search, and download a few wiring diagram.

My first question is for the constant 12v, Where is the ignition switch harness? Do I just "T" off that wire?

parking light is at the GREEN plug above fusebox, do I just tap into that?

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on this site... "Common Topics" = your friend...

right under the "Security" tab is "Today's Project: Alarm Install"
WOW, take Morning's advice. Especially since your askin those questions and you havn't even started the install yet, good luck.
that is basicly just T off almost all of the power shouldn't be hard.go here for more info on door locks
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