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I wonder if you'd hit 200 whp on a DynoJet... Mustang dynos are known to be on the low side

We started hitting the max of my stock injectors, so backed off a hair to get it where it is. I want to say we were right at 204 at one point. At the end of the day, its just a number, and I'm real happy with how it runs right now. I'll save the numbers for the Boosted B18C1 motor when I get started on that.

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I too shall play.
Assembled and Ported by Me
Tuned by Import Auto Pros

B18a1 Block
NPR PR3 Pistons 81.5
Stock Rods
Arp rod bolts

P75 head mild port
B16 inner valve springs
BC0022 Cams
Unknown Cam Gears

Stock IM mild port
Stock TB
Comptech intake

2.5" piping
Greddy DT muffler
Chrome Chip

Made 176whp & 142 TQ - Tuned on a Dynomite

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B18c1 block
82mm P30 pistons
Eagle rods ( had them laying around so decided to throw them in)

B18c1 head
Skunk2 tuner 2 cams, degreed to +2,+2
Supertech dual valve springs
Rsx type s retainers

68mm skunk2 throttle body
68mm skunk2 Im port matched to head
Short ram velocity stack intake
190 walbro fuel pump
410cc RDX injectors
Running on e85
Plm smsp tri-y replica open header (not the 2 piece one)

193/141 on a dynojet
Don't have the dyno sheet but I do have a crappy pic of the dyno screen I'll post up.
It seems like I should of got higher numbers but idk. Tuner blamed it on the rings, I but I think I need another tuner lol.
Other than that car feels strong, but oh lord the vtec transition is something else lol


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1997 GS-R

CTR cams on both sides, unknown year

ITR Dual intake valve springs
GS-R dual intake springs moved to exhaust side

Stock B18C1 block with a fresh rebuild
Stock GS-R Intake manifold
K&N drop in filter
DC 4-1 Headers (CARB LEGAL)
Yonaka catback 60MM (For LS but welded in ~6 inches of piping)

One hour tune on a Dynojet, 162.86 WHP 119.69 TQ

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It's very depressing to see that especially for very mild basically bolt on set-ups the stock GSR motor is barely making it above 170 whp.

AFter so much money invested to even have only put up those kind of numbers... very depressing...

Such as my numbers.

94-95 Integra GSR
around 140k Miles
Skunk2 IM
DC Ceramic headers
Denso Iridiums
Straight pipe to a no name straight through exhuast
I believe it has a "chip" in there, thats what I was told from the seller from when I bought it. I never got around to investigating it.
Exedy Clutch
Findaza flywheel, I can't remember what weight, I believe around 12 lbs or there of.

In my hay days of "racing"... it beat alot of cars I didn't expect it to, even a turbocharged sohc civic on a 40 roll(but then agian, it's a sohc right?)

In any case when I finally was able to throw it up on the dyno this was the results.

Don't mind the clear signals, they came on the car when I purchased it and this was 6-7 years ago.

148whp max? Wow... With drive train loss that's barely the stock 170 hp! I was shocked and hopeless.

I think for us NA guys who are going with the mild bolt on are better off buying a b18c5 and just dropping it in and calling it a day.
If you look at your air/fuel ratio it's way too damn rich. It's dipping down into 12's or high 11's afr. That's dipping into Boost afr territory. That's why it runs like ass. Aim for a constant 13 afr @ wot for N/A. That should bring your car about into 160ish whp. Your map on the ecu chip is crap just by looking at your torque curve. It's suppose to be a smooth incline. Your better off running a stock gsr ecu or converting it back to stock if your running a chip gsr ecu. If not get it properly tune cuz I wouldn't run that chip smh...:thumbs_down:

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B18b LS engine

B16 pistons
Crower 404 Cams
Ls Trans
Tuned on Crome by Me

157.6 whp
133.3 ft-lb tq

94 GSR

190whp @ 8500rpm (Power was still inclining but stop due to stock block)

Intake/PLM header/2.5" Catback

Sk2 manifold & TB 68mm (port matched)
Blox Type C cams
Ferrea Flat valves
Sk2 cam gears (+2, +2)
RC 310cc Injectors
Tune on Crome

100% Stock Block (GSR)

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