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The stock CRV head has identical ports and valves to the K20A/K20A2 heads. But it doesn't have reliefs for Lost Motion Assembly's. So I ran an OEM VTEC Killer setup similar to aznasinine(above).

Thats incorrect. B20 heads are identical (other then some small cam specs) to LS heads unless you are specifically talking about the P8R which is rare.

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My other cars recent dyno.

-Benson Sleeved B18b1 block at 84mm
-CP 9.7:1 Pistons
-Eagle Rods
-OEM Crank
-Golden Eagle 84mm Headgasket
-ARP Headstuds
-PR4 Head
-Crower Valve Springs
-Crower Retainers
-Crower 404 Cams
-Edelbrock Victor X Intake manifold
-Precision 1000cc injectors
-Walbro 255HP Fuel Pump

-SFP t3 Exhaust Manifold
-STC reaper 62mm Billet Turbo
-3 inch downpipe
-4 inch exhaust
-Tial 38mm wastegate at 15psi
-2.5 inch intercooler piping
-Treadstone TR10 intercooler
-Greddy Type RS BOV

All on 93 pump gas, street tuned on eCtune


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Thats incorrect. B20 heads are identical (other then some small cam specs) to LS heads unless you are specifically talking about the P8R which is rare.
I believe he was referring to the K-series CRV, not the B-series CRV.

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1994 LS
Stock Internals
ARP headstuds
InlinePro t3 manifold
Garrett 57 trim .63a/r
2.5 inch charge pipes
3 inch spoolin performance downpipe
3 inch exhaust
tuned on NepTune RTP by John Kerr at Innovative Motorworks in Carlisle PA

~312whp/272wtq @14psi
~266whp/225wtq @10.5psi (wastegate pressure)

Solid is 14psi (boost fluctuated a good bit) dashed line is off the wastegate.


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Saw this thread linked to by @Reptil3 , thought it was a good idea to move into into the Performance forum so people could post their setup and dynos in here for some of the newer builds here on the site !


I'll add mine to get this topic (re)-started

99 Integra GSR B18C1
- CP forged pistons
- shot peened rods
- Balanced and blueprinted block
- Stock valve train with dual springs added on exhaust side
- ITR camshafts
- Jackson Racing supercharger running @ 10 lbs boost (CRV crank pulley + smaller pulley on JRSC)
- SMSP header, magnaflow exhaust
- Devils Own methanol injection kit
- Tuned on eCTune by John at

Maybe could be a bit higher #'s wise, but I'm happy with my build as power delivery is smooth and predictable, making it great on road courses....

Maybe @drmix can add to this topic too with his awesome and well thought out build

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I need to update as well:

My current setup is as follows.

-84MM Benson Sleeved B18B1.
-Stock LS crank
-ARP Head studs
-Eagle Rods
-CP Pistons, 9.7:1
-GE 84mm / OEM headgasket

-PR4 head, factory ports
-Crower 62404 N/A cams
-Crower Springs and TI retainers

-Victor X Intake
-Greddy Type RS BOV
-2.5 Mild steel charge piping
-Treadstone TR8 Intercooler
-Five 'oh Motorsports 1400cc Injectors
-Walbro 400 E85 Version

-GoAutoworks T3 Ramhorn
-Tial 38mm Wastegate
-STC Reaper 62mm. Was an SC61 that was uprgraded with reaper wheel and garrett parts
-Full 3" Exhaust

-Mishimoto X Line Civic size radiator.

-Koni Yellows / Ground control (380/400)
-Omni Power 23mm Rear sway bar
-Polyurthane bushings front lower control arms
-Full race traction bars
-F: 15x8 235/50/15 R888s on Rota Slips
-R: 16x7 205/45/16 Nitto Neogens

-GSR gearset with LS final
-Speed factory SCHA
-Rebuilt 2 years ago new synchros, had gearset micropolished

-Tuned on eCtune by myself
-Boost by gear
-1st and 2nd 15lbs,
-3rd 25-27lbs
-4th and 5th 30lbs


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98 JDM Type R B18C

Engine Setup
-82mm Wiseco 8.7:1 pistons
-Stock sleeves
-Precision 5531 turbo
-Vibrant intercooler
-BWR ramhorn manifold
-Tial 38mm MV-S wastegate
-Tial Q 50mm BOV
-Victor x intake manifold ported to match TB
-Skunk2 70mm throttle body
-CTR cams
-Supertech flat faced valves,springs and retainers
-3in exhaust and downpipe (no cat)
-RC 750cc Saturated injectors
-Hondata S300 V3
-Omni 4 Bar
-92 Premium fuel


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so i actually dont have any of these in my car currently, but im already logged onto photobucket so i might as well post.

jdm itr front on an eg hatch.
vitaras and eagles in a z6. stock head, 2.5" exhaust, lovefab ramhorn and a 15t from a saab viggen. this was on 9 psi. had it up to 14 but the internal gate wasnt holding till redline. it made 240 ftlbs on that 14 psi, ran 13.8'[email protected] on radials on like 16-18 psi boost.

started life as an automatic. i ripped it apart, welded in the cage, and put it all back together from the ground up

a bit older engine bay pic

84.5x89mm gsr block with b16 head. victor x, ctr cams, cp's and eagles right at 10:1. its a benson sleeved block. peakboost ramhorn, t3/t4 60-1, 3" turboback, comp st5 clutch yada yada yada. i still have this motor, its apart getting a new hone, rings, retainers and bearings. this is 16 psi boost using c12. i tuned it up to 16 psi on 93 pump, made 438/286. went consistent [email protected] with a 1.75 60ft. could go 10's, just need maybe 2-4 more psi and some seat time. track days stretch my funds pretty thin so i dont go often.

this was a straight b20, rs machines itr reps and brian crower stage 2's. overall it was sort of a disappointment. i made a few mistakes setting up the motor and it didnt really jive well together. it had a 2" axleback. mistake #1 . also i used a jdm itr 4-1 not the best design for a nonvtec, mistake #2 . it was mated up to an ls transmission, mistake #3 . i sold the head to a friend he put it on a boosted stock block ls. that car is still around 4 years later i just went low 13s on street tires and low teens worth of boost.
i still have the pistons and rods, im probably going to try it again with a css b20 block. i have some crower 403's lying around too.

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Dyno sheet: I didn't ask for one. I was show the computer screen and that was good enough. I am posting this because I still feel it can be educational to some.

Engine bay: Stock everything, 2000 GS-R, other than cold air intake, Apexi WS2 exhaust, DC Sports 4-2-1 header.

Suspension: Unknown; it's an used, salvaged title, that has been lowered (I have not asked my mechanic with what coilovers/shocks).

1st dyno run with OBD2: 130 whp
2nd run with OBD1 and sHondata: 140 whp

My tuner changed the max rpm to 8400 from 8100 and the v-tec to 5000.

He said I'll need to take out the cat (is this smog legal in California - I don't think so), and install a Skunk2 intake manifold.


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You probably won't be able to pass inspection w/o a cat in CA
You're right.
Mechanic just told me "not legal" a few minutes ago...
My tuner says "you are getting choked from the cat", but I think it's because he used to working on strictly track and drag cars that ride in trailers when they are on the street.
My daily beater has laws to follow...

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It's very depressing to see that especially for very mild basically bolt on set-ups the stock GSR motor is barely making it above 170 whp.

AFter so much money invested to even have only put up those kind of numbers... very depressing...

Such as my numbers.

94-95 Integra GSR
around 140k Miles
Skunk2 IM
DC Ceramic headers
Denso Iridiums
Straight pipe to a no name straight through exhuast
I believe it has a "chip" in there, thats what I was told from the seller from when I bought it. I never got around to investigating it.
Exedy Clutch
Findaza flywheel, I can't remember what weight, I believe around 12 lbs or there of.

In my hay days of "racing"... it beat alot of cars I didn't expect it to, even a turbocharged sohc civic on a 40 roll(but then agian, it's a sohc right?)

In any case when I finally was able to throw it up on the dyno this was the results.

Don't mind the clear signals, they came on the car when I purchased it and this was 6-7 years ago.

148whp max? Wow... With drive train loss that's barely the stock 170 hp! I was shocked and hopeless.

I think for us NA guys who are going with the mild bolt on are better off buying a b18c5 and just dropping it in and calling it a day.

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I believe it has a "chip" in there, thats what I was told from the seller from when I bought it. I never got around to investigating it

Why don't you find out? The ECU is very important, not knowing is just ignorance at best... if it's "chipped", who says it's done properly? That is very likely your culprit for what you feel are low numbers, as that intake could probably use some tuning to make it perform it's best

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I don't believe I ever posted my dyno sheet in this thread. Anyways, here are a list of mods, and the plots:

[email protected]

JDM B18C block
Dan Benson Racing sleeves
84mm Wiseco pistons, 9.5:1 compression (200-wall pins)
Carrillo Pro-H rods (3/8" bolts)
New OEM oil pump
OEM Honda bearings
ARP L19 head studs
O-ringed cylinder head
Brian Crower valves
Skunk2 ProSeries springs/retainers
OEM Honda Integra Type R camshafts
Unported GSR cylinder head
Victor X intake manifold
Skunk2 Alpha throttle body
Full-Race T4/MV-S divided top mount exhaust manifold
BorgWarner S366, .91AR, billet compressor wheel
Twin Tial 38mm wastegates (x2)
IMW-Spec 3" downpipe/exhaust APEXi
3" World Sport muffler (universal)
IMW-Spec backdoor intercooler
3" charge piping
Full-Blown twin 340lph fuel pumps (x2)
8AN feed, 6AN return
Injector Dynamics 2,000cc injectors
FueLab regulator
GM ethanol content sensor
Hondata CPR (coilpack retrofit)
Hondata 4bar MAP sensor
Hondata S300v3
Competition Clutch twin-disc clutch


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I need to update =)


Benson B18B 84 x 89
CP Pistons (10:1 calculated)
Eagle Rods
ARP Headstuds
GSR Head
CTR Cams
Edelbrock Performer X
FID 2000s
Wablro 450
Fuel Lab -6 Micron filter
AEM Fuel Rail
Aeromotive A1000 Regulator
Spoolin Performance Quick4
TurboSmart Hypergate 45 11lb spring
Custom Made exhaust and charge piping by yours truly
STC Interceptor Mk II Ball Bearing


626whp / 445 ft-lbs on 30psi
423whp / 306 ft-lbs on 14psi


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Figured seeing this tread revival again, I'd throw mine up.

Stock High Comp. B20 Block, w/ ARP Rod Bolts
GSR Head
ITR Cams
Supertech Valve Springs & Retainers
ARP Head Studs
Stock GSR Intake Manifold & Throttle Body
AEM Short Ram
Megan Racing 4-1 Long Header, 2.5" collector
2.5" Stainless exhaust, w/ Magnaflow Universal Cat, Apexi WS2 Muffler

Tuned by DK Goodrich (@T04EGSR;)

Mustang Dyno

Final Numbers after backing off a hair
191 HP / 147 TQ

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