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Dyno Sheet
Mod List and other pictures

N/a or FI

Rule: Must have dyno sheet scanned to post setup. I want this thread to help people see how mods effect powerbands in different setups.

Ill start:

Stock B18b from head to pan
Skunk2 intake manifold
Greddy Turbo manifold
Garrett GT2560r .64 a/r
3" downpipe and Exhaust
DSM 450cc injectors / Walbro 255
Ebay front mount
Tuned on eCtune by myself.

This turbo is closed to maxed out. It phyiscally wont make more boost even with the boost controller at 100% duty cycle up top. I may port the manifold a little to get some flow with a dremel and fix up some other tidbits. 300whp would be stellar.

Timing was around 15.5 degrees at redline if I remember correctly. AFR's in the mid 11's

Edit: Please refrain from posting comments such as "OMFG DUDE YOUR SETUP IS SICK!!!!" or "NICE **** BRO!!!"
We all know anyone who tuned their car and post their dyno here had put their heart, time, and money into their build.
So lets make this thread a constructive one. =)

Post your feedback and experience (good and bad) on your setup.

Ask questions just keep it on topic
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As of 7/30
-B18B Block (stock)
-B18C5 Head (Stock)
-Peakboost turbo kit
-Garrett T3/T4 56trim
-Precision 600hp Intercooler
-ITR Cams
-Edlebroc Victor X IM
-Skunk2 Cam Gears
-750cc RC
-moroso oil pan
-3" vibrant exhaust
-hondata S300 w/ Boost
-full race traction bars
-255lph fuel pump
-MoTec 3bar Map sensor
-Koni/GC Combo
-ASR Subframe w/ 24mm swaybar
-Function 7 LCA
-317whp @ 10lbs of boost


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B18C1 GSR Long Block N Tranny
JE 9.5.1 Piston w/rings
Eagle rods w/arp rod bolts
Gsr Head Portflow Valvetrain Titanium retainers
Skunk2 turner stage 1 cams
Skunk2 turner adjustable camsgears
Skunk2 1st Gen Intake manifold shave gsr thottle body 64mm
Synapse Turbo Kit
Garrett t3/t4 57 Trim 63 ar
Tial 38mm wastegate .7lb spring
Gsr tranny with Quaife Lsd
DSS level 2.9 axles
Walbro 255/ RC 550's
3" Down Pipe N Custom Exhaust -Del Cat
Full Race Traction Bar
Tein SS suspension
Tuned By DSR on Hondata s200
Made 336whp and 228lb/tq with 9lb boost (maxing out injectors)




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-JDM B18B (internals completely stock)
-InlinePRO t3 manifold
-Garrett t3 60 trim/ .63 ar
-Skunk2 pro series IM
-2.5in charge pipes.
-No name IC good for 400hp
-3in spoolin performance downpipe
-3in vibrant exhaust
-tuned on chrome pro by John Kerr (

-1 bar boost (spiked 15.7psi)
-313whp/ 258 lb/ft torque

My only suggestion is you might want to break this down into a few threads for example:
-Non-vtec power adder thread (turbo, supercharged, nitrous)
-Vtec power adder thread
-Non-vtec N/A thread
-Vtec N/A thread
But just a suggestion.

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-Stock B18B with 122k
-Shue Tuned on eCtune
-Greddy 18G Turbo
-Greddy cast exhaust manifold
-Thermal 3" exhaust
-Custom 3" downpipe
-K&N air filter
-RC 550cc injectors
-Turbo XS RFL
-MAC boost controller

So far I haven't had any issues since she was turbo-ed back in July, after two years of planning and research it came together quite smoothly, with only a few minor hiccups throughout the build. However, if your running what used to be an OBDII setup, remember to unplug the EVAP valve on the intake. I had some cold startup issues until I unplugged it, I think it has something to do with the OBDII valve being a different size.

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Engine: GSR, stock sleeves, 9:1 JE pistons, eagle rods, stock cams/valvetrain, edelbrock IM, stock tb

- Inline pro manifold,
- Precision t3/to4e SC50 trim .63a/r,
- 3" dp, 3" thermal exhaust,
- no cat,
- dumptube under oil pan,
- precision 600hp intercooler,
- custom 2.5" charge pipes,
- tial 38mm wg,
- tial 50mm bov,
- precision 780cc injectors,
- walbro 255lph HP pump,
- 3bar map sensor,
- turbo xs single stage boost controller,
- neptune

Results: 400whp and 270tq due to maxing out the turbo


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Benson 83mm Sleeves
Balanced and Micropolished Crank
CP 9:1 Pistons
Eagle Rods
OEM Bearings
ARP Headbolts
83mm GE Headgasket

ITR Intake/Exhaust Valvesprings
ITR Intake Cam
Buddy Club 4 Bolt Cam Gears

Garrett T3/T04E 57 Trim Turbo
Generic Turbo Manifold
Tial Wastegate 10psi spring
Open Dump Tube
3" Downpipe to 3"flex to 3" piping to HKS Hi-power
2.5 Mandrel Bent Intercooler Piping
Precision 650hp Intercooler
Blitz SS BOV
Fast Turbo Oil Feed Kit
1000cc Precision Injectors
NGK BKR7E11's gapped to .25"
Glowshift Boost Gauge, Oil Pressure Gauge, A/F Ratio
Greddy Electronic Boost Controller
Catch Can with 2 -10an Fittings
Blox FPR with gauge
Walbro 255
Vaccum Manifold Blox
Competition Clutch /Stage 4, OEM Flywheel, OBX LSD
Omni 4bar Map Sensor
AEM Wideband
Tuned on Hondata s300



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zzergg on Dec/10/09 said:
Quote: LSDriver98 on Dec/10/09LOL, where's Danny?

Darton 84mm Sleeves
CP 9:1 Pistons
Eagle H Beams
Eagle 4340 Knife-Edged crank
ACL Bearings
ARP Head/Main Studs
TODA Head Gasket
Ferrea Superflow Stainless Valves
Skunk2 Springs and Retainers
Ported Head
TODA Timing Belt
Skunk2 Cam Gears
Competition Stage 5 Clutch
Exedy 9lb Flywheel
PeakBoost Topmount Turbo Kit with a GT3076R
44mm TIAL Wastegate
Precision 750hp FMIC 27"x8"x4" Core
Hondata S300 w/Boost Option
OBDII-OBDI conversion harness
1000cc RC Injectors with Driver/Resistor
Blitz Filter w/Custom Intake
Quaife 1.5 way LSD
Carbon Coated Synchros
Bronze 16" Rota Circuit 8s wrapped in Falken azenies RT615 215/45/16 with Black Buddy Club Lugs
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Koyo Civic Half Radiator with Buddy Club Cap
Skunk2 Intake Manifold
Cuzco Catch Can
Golden Eagle Vac Manifold
Cutsom 3" Turbo Back Exhaust with HKS Carbon Ti Muffler
AEM Wideband Gauge


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my old setup

b18b block, stock sleeves
81.5, 8.5:1 weisco pistons
Eagle rods
stock b16 head
Golden eagle block guard
750cc RC injectors
ebay manfiold (****ty)
Tial 38mm wastegate
tial 50mm bov
aem map sensor
turbonetic t3/t04e .57 trim
3" turbo back exhaust
363whp / 271wtq @16psi
tuned with ectune


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Mild NA GSR Build

Stock B18c1
JDM Type R Pistions "11.5.1 Compression"
98 Usdm Type R Intake Cam
GSR Exhaust Cam
Spoon Cam Gears
Type R Outer Valve Springs with Port flow stiffer Inner Valve Springs
Mild Port Work
Knifed Edge GSR Throttle Body with Coolant Bypass Mod
Skunk2 Version 1 Intake Manifold
Hondata IM Gasket
Stock USDM Type R Intake Arm with K&N Air filter
LHT Performance Custom made 4-2-1 Header with 2.5inch Outlet
LHT Performance Custom made 2.5inch Test Pipe
Apexi Dunk Cat Back Exhaust (Old School and love it)
Fluidyne Full Size Aluminum Radiator with FAL slim fans
B&M Fuel Pressure Regulater w/ gauge
OBD 2b - OBD 1 Conversion
Chipped p28 ECU
Hondata s200 Tuned by John at LHT Performance

Dyno was done with a ****ty DC 4-2-1 Header that later cracked and a 2inch test pipe. Havent been back with new LHT header/test pipe setup...

170whp 131 wtq


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2000 GSR

Skunk 2 port matched 70mm TB
Skunk 2 port matched Intake Manifold
Ferrea valve springs
Titanium Retainers
Skunk 2 Valves
Port Polished Head
Skunk 2 cam gears
Unknown header (heat wrapped like crazy when i bought the car)
JDM ITR pistons
Stock Exhaust

165/120 on 92 octane


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1999 LS Sedan

Injen CAI for ITR
JG Edelbrock 65mm TB for B16A3/B18C5
Skunk2 Intake Manifold
Hondata Thermo Gasket
JG Edelbrock 4-2-1 Ceramic Coated Header
Invidia Test Pipe
GReddy SP2 Exhaust
Brian Crower Stage 2 N/A Camshafts
Golden Eagle Cam Gears
Synapse Engineering FPR

Fuel tuned only, cams zeroed, stock valvetrain, stock block, on stock ECU redline!

163HP/133 TQ


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Isn't this what the charts/slips section is for? No need to make a thread about it if we have an entire section devoted to it already. Pics, setups and numbers. What more do you want.

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m_kluch on Dec/13/09 said:
Isn't this what the charts/slips section is for? No need to make a thread about it if we have an entire section devoted to it already. Pics, setups and numbers. What more do you want.

Have you ever tried navigating it and trying to find anything? Not to mention hardly anyone goes in there and its not easy to find.

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b18b1 block with a gsr head

-Skunk2 intake manifold
-Omni-power dual valve springs and retainers
-Goldeneagle headstuds
-Goldeneagle ls-vtec kit
-JE 81.5mm 9:1 pistons
-Eagle H-beam rods
-ARP rod bolts
-ACL main and rod bearings

turbo stuff:
custom mini ram style manifold
garrett T3/T4E 57 trim .63AR. stage 3 turbine wheel.
tial mvs wastegate
hks ss bov
29x9x3 intercooler
walbro 255lph fuel pump
precision 880cc injectors
SF 4 bar map sensor
civic half size radiator
full 3" exhaust
aero turbine 3" muffler
SF custom catch can
competion clutch

tuned on crome pro by speedfactory tuning and race fabrication.made 375hp, 267tq @ 15psi


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Two separate setups. This is the before/SFWD config.

Fullrace ProStreet T3 manifold
T3/T61 .63 A/R 3" exhaust
Precision 750hp Intercooler
Victor X IM
Carrillo Pro H Rods
CP pistons 9:1 84mm
Darton Sleeves
GSR Cams

570/400 @ 30psi

Now it's my Honda Challange H1 build

Stock K24A2 Bottom
Stock CRV head
K24A2 cams(OEM VTEC Killer)
R-Crew Header/3" exhaust.
Custom intake w/Turbonetics 4" velocity stack.

247/192 N/A @ 5280ft

And what it looks like now w/my girl qualifying for her Time Trial licence

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i really love whoring this chart out =]

b20b stock makes 126/131. mine makes 131/124 to the wheel!

3" intake piping, blox velocity stack, RS*R header, omni test pipe, rs*r extension, Ractive cat back. ngk plugs/wires tuned on crome. beginning numbers were from before fuel tuning. was lean as fuhh. managed to squeeze 8 torque out of her =]
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