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OK, here we go, if you have an Integra video you would like to share, post up. Keep your negative comments to yourself, stay on topic, and no street racing.

integrashadow on Oct/01/07 said:
this is my favorite i watch it every morning
Turbo Integra Commercial

Quote: Zarka on Oct/01/07 A cool one HERE

Quote: BlknBlTeg on Oct/01/07 Here is one of me on the dragon.

Quote: 92BLKINTEGRA on Oct/01/07 i think these videos are pretty badass.
500hp+ g2
Click Me

Same car different vid
Click me

10 Second Turbo G3

click me

Quote: BlknBlTeg on Oct/01/07 Here is 500+WHP DB8

Quote: Dominicano04 on Sep/10/07 here are my fav:
ITR Expo 3

ITR Expo 4

Honda Integra Type R JDM

Quote: coolhandluke on Sep/10/07 Honda: F1 vs Repsol vs Boat

ITR Candid Camera

Madspeed Teaser

Penak Mechanik's Site - Several Videos

Quote: Dominicano04 on Sep/10/07 i like this one 2. Nov 28th ITR Meet

Quote: Dominicano04 on Sep/10/07 honda integra type r dc2 96 vs 98


Quote: ixcocoyxi on Sep/10/07 the video i made!! <3

san diego t-i caravan to beach bash!

Quote: nate2k5 on Sep/11/07 my favorite vid by far, the reason i got my jdm itr cluster

integra type r top end run

Quote: madrrio on Sep/11/07

Quote: jdmdc2401 on Sep/11/07 JDM TEG MADNESS THAILAND

this is how you hook up your teg... inside out
the teg was already nice to begin with and there still was mad work

Quote: LSTeggy2001 on Sep/11/07 This one cuz I made it, even tho for some reason the credits got messed up.

And this one cuz it stars me following steve

Quote: IntegraNationRR on Sep/13/07

Quote: coolhandluke on Sep/13/07 I don't know how I forgot Brad's (old now) car.

2.0L Madness

Quote: Dominicano04 on Sep/13/07 DC2 Type-R vs DC5 Type-R part 1

DC2 Type-R vs DC5 Type-R part2

what about these 2?

Quote: Chfire2004 on Sep/13/07 Rotrex supercharged itr

Quote: Dominicano04 on Sep/19/07 SPOoN Racing - Integra Type R

Quote: Dominicano04 on Sep/19/07 found some more stuff on that orage thai r

Honda Integra Type R Orange Dyno

Integra TYPE R B20B Fix Part1

Integra TYPE R B20B Fix Part2

more on the orange thai r

Honda Integra Type R Orange High Quality AFTER TODAs

Quote: HeroOfTheDay on Oct/01/07 I'll put this here for one of our fellow TI members, sq_creations; a video of his 98 gsr running an 11 second 1/4 mile. one of the coolest jdm fronted, boosted tegs I've seen...

Video of his first 11 second pass.

Here's a link to his thread about it...
Now everybody quit their *****ing and have a wonderful day.

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arexniba on Oct/03/07 said:
*(Not really off topic, but wouldn't it be better to keep this to youtube or what not?)
As long as the sites that host the vids are worksafe, I don't see an issue.

^^^That's a new (assumed people would assume so) rule.

EVERYTHING must be work safe.

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ok CJ, you're the shiz net.

Too bad this site doesn't have an advanced search system where you type in a specific word(s) and you'll get that outcome, it'd be nice for this thread.
In any case, good stuff cj

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codenamezero on Oct/03/07 said:
I thought i started something like this last year. :p
My giant Interga track video thread
There were 8 million different video threads with a page or 2 of replies at most in them, but each thread was a different TYPE of Integra video; track, ITR, T-I, etc.

This thread is for any and all (excluding NSFW and street racing
) Integra videos that people might want to share. I know I am bored a lot and would love to have a 14 page thread like this filled with all the favorite Integra videos from various members.
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