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Hey Oregon T.I., I just started getting back into cars again after a pretty long hiatus.

I was wondering if any local Integra or Honda guys/gals wanted to meet up before rainy season kicks into full gear. I was thinking a few days before Halloween, probably October 28th or 29th.

I don't really know any other car people in the area so it was kind of just wanting to hang out and talk shop with some people for a few hours, hit up the food carts in Portland or something, who knows.

I know it's hard for people to commit sometimes, so I'm not going to ask for interest. (Though it would be appreciated.) Instead, I'll just take opinions to decide on a time and place and then show up. Anyone and everyone is welcome! If no one shows I'll just be the sad-lonely-driver and hoon around for a bit before heading home, haha.

Thanks for listening,
NoTEC (Brad)
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