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POLL: TI Choice Awards.

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Hey Guys, I thought this would be interesting. Let's see who wins these titles for individual mods on their cars. Let's keep it to the categories that we start off with, and just copy and paste. Otherwise it's gonna be hectic.

Best Overal Car:
Best Sound System Setup:
Best Rims:
Best Body Kit:
Best Colour:
Best Conversion Kit:
Best Engine Setup:
Best Exhaust Setup:
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Hey that would be pretty cool ,I like the idea.
how are we gonna know who has what????? I dont know everyones mods on this site.
I would like to thank the academy. Mom, Dad thanks for your support.
how are you gonna do that!? im sure there are countless people with the same setup
Maybe people who think they deserve to win in a certain catagory should submit there cars and pics of the mods to be judged?
Best rims right here

I hate imagestation!! here is the link
well im not gonna post about one car but i will tell you what i think are the best for EACH one on a teg

Best Overal Car: 1998 championship white TYPE-R
Best Sound System Setup: 12 inch SOLO BARICS, cerwin vegas components.. too much to list
Best Rims: Racing Hart C5
Best Body Kit: wings west... clean
Best Colour: white
Best Conversion Kit: JDM
Best Wheels: Rota Circuit 8's.Flat black of course.
i love that idea.
Best overall car:my new 2002 Integra Type R [JDM]
ccshamrock2004 on Aug/05/02 said:
Best overall car:my new 2002 Integra Type R [JDM]
Wow, you're so humble...
Slowest modded teg:

MINE!! Oh yea...see that i/h/c/e combo that was properly sized and everything, including the advanced timing? All for looks, kids! No power increase here!
really? that sucks
maybe one of the Moderators can set up forum especially for this and then take say the 50 best cars and put them up on a poll, then take the 25 best cars of that poll and make a new poll, then another poll for the 10 best.

kinda complicated but it would interesting wouldn't it?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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