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I have recently started a thread about this similar topic but got many complaints about my lack of here is a new thread with full details of what I have planned and in store....Also I'm planning on staying fully N/A all the way

My current setup is B&M short shift kit, AEM SR intake, DC Sports 4-2-1 headers and a skunk2 cat back system

I have in posession a Professional Products 68mm TB and IM but have not installed then due to lack of money and reports I have heard from advice givers (e.g. the TB and IM won't help)

My future parts plans are AEM fuel rail,pressure reg./filter and a pulley set

My question is do I need to upgrade my ECU for these parts? and also would a tune be needed?

Also lego building has been a term thrown around which I dont necessarily deny but at the same time I have cleared this list with a few trusted people.....I will appreciate any advice about whether these plans are just retarded since I am a rookie or if this is a good plan and needs a few modifications or suggestions
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