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thx 4 all the compliments and ideas
, it took me 2yrs 2 build this car from a front end wreck with no engine or interior, had the frame pulled and had 2 get all new hood, fenders, radiator support, bumper cover and fabricate all the mounting hardware, i did all the body work myself and it has a bran new paint job from larry's auto repair where i work, it's "95 nsx gran prix white". ya i like my wipers and wing, ya i do need some jdm 1pc'ers and i'll b adding a whole custom 3in exaust when i swap in the new motor and turbo setup. it's always and 4ever a work in progress. i'm new 2 this site and i have 2 say it's awsome, we have a great community of teg lovers here. peace in tha middle east and chicken greese ya'll
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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