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dash and panels are all wrapped in white vinyl. seats are white leather with red tweed, as well as the console and rear dash thingy in red tweed.

i threw a rod sooooo

i bought a new shortblock for 300....

new parts:

OEM pistons
OEM rings
ACL race bearing set
OEM Rods
Stock flywheel lightened and re-surfaced
ARP Head Studs
Type-R valves (old ones were fried)
rear main seal
all other gaskets on block and head
Exedy Organic Racing Clutch & HDPP
throwout bearing, pilot bearing
oil pump
water pump
all new belts including timing
TPS and Knock Sensors
New header
Block was resleeved
and I got the head ported and polished

I got 4 grand in a settlement from my insurance company for my injuried when I totalled my civic, so that's what's funding this lil project.

With the 'new' motor and all my mods, should be good for mid 14's once I break it in. So yeah, I have show, but I also have a lil bit of go.

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