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What do majority of autoxers use for tire size, assumming that would give the best possible grip, balance, etc. . .

I was thinking 205/50-15. Would it be wise to use 16's for better handling? I know it would be a little lighter but I don't know the difference.

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After searching my question was sorta answered:
SurferX: said:
Wheel widths to tread size for plus sizing on Integras.
6" = 195
7" = 205
8" = 215

This will generally give the best performance. Always check the specs of the tire you are getting to see what the manufacturer's recommended wheel width is though.

The common upgrade to 205/50 R15 on stock wheels is a necessary evil due to lack of tire selection in 195/55 R15. It's not a performance upgrade like most people think because it is wider that must mean it's better. If I could get the tires I wanted in 195/55 R15 I would get them in a heartbeat. Run an auto-x with 205/50 on stock 15x6 wheels then run those same tires on 15x7 wheels. You will then feel the difference.
The thing is, I really want to use 15's but I can't find any out there with a width of 7".

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15x7 wheels that I know of.

Kosei K1
Volk TE37
5zigen FN01R
Regamasters EVO
Racing Hart CP035
Vision 818
Stern Aguzze

Not sure if all those come in 4x100 bolt patterns for you but check them out. There are more too I just can't think of everything.

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Oh yeah you know I forgot about on you can sort by size. Here's what came up in 15x7 size sorted by weight.

Enkei RP-F1 Cast 15x7 9.1 (lbs.)
Volk CE28N Forged 15x7 9.1
SSR Type-C (called Competitions in the US) SSF 15x7 9.2
Volk TE37 Forged 15x7 9.2
Racing Hart CP-035R SSF 15x7 9.4
Kyoho Tracer Cast 15x7 9.9
Starform Real Racing R2 Forged 15x7 9.9
Buddy Club P1 QF Forged 15x7 10.1
RS Watanabe EightSpoke F8 Cast Mg 15x7 10.1
BBS RG F1-Racing (Japan only) Forged 15x7 10.2
RS Watanabe Cyclone Forged Mg 15x7 10.4
Minilite Magnesium Forged Mg 15x7 10.5
5Zigen Becket FN-01R Forged 15x7 10.6
Wed's TC-005 SSF 15x7 10.7
5Zigen Copse Cast 15x7 11.0
Enkei ES-Tarmac Cast 15x7 11.0
Mugen MF10L Forged 15x7 11.0
OZ Superleggera Cast 15x7 11.0
RS Watanabe EightSpoke F8F Cast Mg 15x7 11.2
Advan Racing RG Cast 15x7 11.4
Axis Mag-Lite Cast 15x7 11.5
RS Watanabe EightSpoke F8FS Cast Mg 15x7 11.7
RS Watanabe Forged Eight Forged 15x7 12.1
Circle Racing Series 82 Spun 15x7 12.2
SSR MK-III SSF/Spun 15x7 12.2
SSR Schumacher SSF/Spun 15x7 12.5
Real Racing Cast 15x7 12.7
ATS Comp Lite Cast 15x7 13.0
Blitz Type 02 Forged/Spun 15x7 13.0
Volkswagen Golf GTI (BBS RS 3-piece) Forged/Cast 15x7 13.2
Enkei J-Speed III Cast/Spun 15x7 13.2
Racing Dynamics Pro Race 1 Cast 15x7 13.2
Stern Aguzze-S07 Cast 15x7 13.4
Kosei K1 Racing Cast 15x7 13.5
Stern Mach III Cast 15x7 13.5
Kosei RT Penta Cast 15x7 13.8
Hayashi Street Wheel Cast 15x7 13.9
BBS RK Cast 15x7 14.2
Enkei RPO-1 Cast 15x7 14.3
Enkei RCT-1 Cast 15x7 14.5
RS Watanabe EightSpoke F8F Cast 15x7 14.6
ROH Snyper Cast 15x7 15.0
Team Dynamics Qualifier Cast 15x7 15.0
Weld Type 76 Forged 15x7 15.0
Enkei RPO-2 Cast 15x7 15.2
Revolution RFX Race * Cast 15x7 15.3
BBS RV Cast 15x7 15.5
American Racing AR-55 (Spyder) Cast 15x7 15.9
Enkei RF-1 Cast 15x7 15.9
Ronal LV (Spider) Cast 15x7 15.9
BMW E30 M3 Cast 15x7 16.0
Konig Burner Cast 15x7 16.0
Panasport ULW Cast 15x7 16.0
PS Engineering Halibrand Replicas Cast 15x7 16.0
PS Engineering TA II Cast 15x7 16.0
Borbet Type C Cast 15x7 16.5
RS Watanabe EightSpoke F8FS Cast 15x7 16.5
Kosei RT MAXi Cast 15x7 16.8
Revolution Classic 5-Spoke Road * Cast 15x7 16.8
Rial Viper D70 Cast 15x7 17.0
TSW Evo Cast 15x7 17.0
Enkei ERO-1 Cast 15x7 17.2
Rial MS Cast 15x7 17.2
Ronal R-23 Cast 15x7 17.3
Ronal R-25 Cast 15x7 17.3
Ronal R-26 Cast 15x7 17.3
Borbet Type B Cast 15x7 17.5
Borbet Type E Cast 15x7 17.5
Motegi Racing MR12 Cast 15x7 17.5
American Racing AR-95 (Estrella) Cast 15x7 18.0
Borbet Type T Cast 15x7 18.0
Ronal R-10 (Turbo) Cast 15x7 18.0
Compomotive TH2 Cast 15x7 18.1
Revolution Classic 5-Spoke Race * Cast 15x7 18.1
Compomotive TH Cast 15x7 18.3
Quantum Tek S-10 Cast 15x7 18.5
TSW Fly Cast 15x7 18.5
Compomotive MO Cast 15x7 18.7
Revolution RFX Rally * Cast 15x7 18.8
TSW Hockenheim Cast 15x7 18.8
Ronal R-28 (Joker) Cast 15x7 18.9
ASA EM9 Cast 15x7 19.0
MiM Vento Cast 15x7 19.0
TSW Trophy Cast 15x7 19.0
TSW Avus R Cast 15x7 19.4
Superlight Sports Cast 15x7 19.6
OZ Racing F1 Cast 15x7 19.8
Raceline RL-7 Cast 15x7 19.8
MOMO Arrow Cast 15x7 20.0
MSW Type 45 Cast 15x7 20.0
EMO 702 (Obelix) Cast 15x7 20.6
Compomotive ML Cast 15x7 20.9
Arbet V Cast 15x7 21.0
Borbet Type H Cast 15x7 21.0
EMO 502 (Ozone) Cast 15x7 22.0
MSW Type 55 Cast 15x7 22.0
TOORA monotoora (Erebuni) Cast 15x7 22.0
Mille Miglia A3 Cast 15x7 23.0
MRT Steel 15x7 23.0
Concord Racing Cast 15x7 24.0

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Hmm, looks like some 15x7 Volk TE37 may be in my future if I can get them in gunmetal.

I'm definitely going for a 15x7 wide wheel so I can better utilize the awesome 205/50 series tires like the Falken Azenis and Bridgestone Potenza S-03. There's just nothing good I can find in 195/55 to put on my 15x6 wheels.

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Thanks Surfer! I thought that 15's were used for optimal performance. I'm kind of cheap in the wallet so I'll stick with maybe Enkei's or somthing. And I'll also keep Falken/Potenza's in mind.

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I went with the slightly larger tire size to lenghten my gear ratios. I found it helps with my straight line traction issues.

As far as resulting in worse results, I'm in 4th of 27.

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I'm using a 14" x 6" Miata wheels. They have a 4 x 100 pattern, but the hub is too small. I took the wheels to a machine shop and had the hub bored accordling; it costs $25/each for the machin work, but the wheels were won in a friendly card game. You got to know when to holdem, know when to foldem...

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:shrug: I daily drive and auto-Xed 205/50/15 Bridgestone Potenza RE730s on my stock GSR wheels. Musta done something right, since I've already won the local auto-X DSP class (noone else can beat me in the points for the year).

I haven't had a chance to use 'em yet (car broke after they arrived), but i now have 205/50/15 heated + shaved Victoracers on some 15X6.5" Slipstreams.

For everyone buying race only wheels; is it worth 2 or 3 times the price to save 2-4 lbs? Esp considering that the tires i got weigh twice as much as my knockoff slipstreams (23 lbs/tire vs 11.5 lbs/wheel)? Unless you spring for Hoosiers (fiberglass belts vs steel), the heaviest part of the wheel/tire combo is by far the tire. [rant of the day]

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my step dad runs hoosiers on miata 15" fronts and Volk TE37 rears on his mr2. He said he noticed quite a differance on the volk rears he cant get fronts yet cus he has to have them machined cus the volks dont clear the calipers. Im running stock class on a 2k1 celica gts on yokohamas and i like em except the fact they are almost gone form one season. Next year i will run my gsr on stock wheels or if my step dad gets volks for the front i will run miata wheels with yokos in STS or maybee hoosier in prepared this is my first year not bad for running someone elses car.

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Nacho on Sep/02/02 said:
the heaviest part of the wheel/tire combo is by far the tire. [rant of the day]
AMEN! I think my Kuhmos have lead belts in them. It's like a huge trade off. You get the lightest wheel, so you can mount the heaviest tire and come out even in the weight game.
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