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Pedal set removal on 95 teg.

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Does anyone know how to get the brake/accelerator pedal assembly out? Do I have to lower the stearing colum to remove the pedals and if so would it be ok to do so? It's an auto btw.
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well, if anyone needs to know, you have to drop the stearing coloum to remove the auto pedals, putting everything back together from then on is cake.
i'm putting in a 5-speed ;)
does anyone know how to drop the steering coloum?
could someone help? i want to remove my pedals cause im swaping them for a 5 speed one.
You don't need to remove the whole thing. The clutch pedal is mounted separately...

...and all you need to do is swap the brake pedal arm from the manual pedal set into your car....there is no need for pulling the whole thing. I have done two conversions by myself and it is the easiest way.

Look at how the arm itself can be removed, near the pivot point, just take it out and take out the auto brake arm the same way.
do i need to swap the break sensors? cause i just put the manual pedal assembly in and my break lights stay on.
You have to adjust the switch that is touching the pedal arm, it's too close to the pedal, back it off until the lights go out and only turn on when you press the pedal.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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