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Well, i recently was up in Madison and got tagged on my driver's side rear. The crash was enough to total the car but i bought it back so i could part it out. Ill make a short list of all of the stuff for sale that i can think of, if you can think of anything else that might be on my car that you would want ... just say it and ill try to get it for ya.

- Safc II
- 2 hoods in perfect condition (1black 1blue)
- Fenders, perfect condition
- Complete black interior (SUPER CLEAN)
- tinted windows all around
- b18a1 head/cams/etc.
- full set of gunmetal 17" Motegi MR-7s
- manual 5-spd tranny (MINT - NO GRINDS)
- 90-91 tail lights (pinkies)
- dash / interior panels / manual locks / power windows
- led gsr spoiler ... no missing leds ... great condition
- rustless hatch
- anything you could possibly want under the hood
- skunk 2 short shifter
- thermal R&D exhaust (best ive seen for gen2)
- doors / body panels / etc.
- h&r sport springs (one may be damaged im not sure)

you name it we probably have it ... this car was in great condition

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Damn man that sucks.

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Sorry to hear, sounds like you put a little love in her.
When you feel like you can post again (Grieving can take time.) I'd like a little info. on the rims; do they have tires and so on.?
Also, the skunk2 shifter; is it the duel bend? Because I believe they fit 90-2001 tegs. (At least according to this guy: Clicky Linky)
Thanks dude
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