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I just received this useful information from Helm Inc. I guess I'm on their email list since I bought a service manual from them. Below is the information as received:

Here's how to repair a paint chip:

1. Purchase touch-up paint for your car. (For the correct paint, see your Owner Manual.)
2. Purchase a small amount of automotive clear coat.
3. Wash the area surrounding the paint chip and dry it thoroughly.
4. Using a small soft brush or Q-tip, clean out the paint chip.
5. Shake up the touch-up paint
6. Take a paper match and trim the non-lightable end to a point. Matches work well for applying paint.
7. Apply a small amount of paint to the chip. Try not to get any on the surrounding paint.
8. Allow the touch-up paint to dry thoroughly, then apply a layer of clear coat over the touch-up paint.
9. Allow the clear coat to dry then apply a second layer. You want to build the clear coat up higher than the surrounding paint.
10. Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.
11. Using 1500-grit sand paper, lightly sand the area. Make sure there is no dirt on the car or the sand paper. This will cause scratches.
12. Using 2000-grit sand paper, sand the area again until smooth.
13. Finish the process using a fine polishing compound on a soft cloth. This will bring back the shine.
14. If you can still see swirl marks, try a car cleaner polish or a cleaner wax with a fine abrasive.
15. The paint chip should now be gone and very hard to see. only you will know where it was.


1. Always check your Owner Manual and Service Manual before beginning any repair.
2. Don't be in a hurry. Make sure the paint is 100 percent dry before sanding.
3. only sand a very small area surrounding the paint chip. Don't go crazy.
4. Sand only in one direction; do not go round in circles.

For best repair results, make sure to reference the Factory Repair Manual. Visit for the manuals you need.
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