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I planon doin a few things performance wise. i have a B18B, and i want top end power for drag racing

1. Nitrous Express kit
2. A 4-1 header w/2.5" collector.(smsp or what ever fits)
3. 2.5" carsound cat / 2.5" exhaust
4. Cams (crower)

the part i'm lost on is which cams to go with, either the 62402's or 62403's. I have "read the articles", but the cam article doesnt touch a whole lot on B18B's. i am assuming that the 62403's will work better for my setup? the other thing i dont understand is the rpm range on the 62403's, "1000 to 8000 rpm", do you have to adjust the idle?
any recommendations, on any of the setup are appreciated!
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