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MoDat on Aug/09/02 said:
dude...what do u mean yes or no. YOu should ask yourself that. "DO i like them or not?".. Ask yourself that..and if the answer is yes and you can afford them then buy em. If the answer is no, then dont buy em. Why are you going to let us decide that wheels you have on your own car. You decide
i like the rims somewhat but am undecided, its sorta nice to hear input from others, but it doesn't mean i'm going to make my decison based on what other ti members say. no big deal. personally, i want to go with rota circuit 8's but i'm not sure i'd be satisfied downsizing from a 17 to 16" wheel. i know the ride would be alot less bumpy
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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