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What's up guys... Just looking for some opinions on my setup that will be going in my car in a month or 2... Any changes you guys would make or any opinions at all, please feel free...

My car is a 95 RS ...

95 JDM GSR motor

2001 JDM ITR Tranny with 4.785 FD

Skunk 2 Stage 2 cams w/Skunk 2 Dual springs and titanium

Mildly port and polished head

Skunk 2 Intake manifold, port matched to throttle body

Clutchmasters Stage 3 clutch

Fidanza 7.5lbs aluminum flywheel

Kenji chipped P28 ECU

JDM ITR 4-1 Header

2.5" Carsound highflow cat w/ 2.25 b pipe and ITR muffler

and possibly a slightly milled head for higher compression....

Let me know what what you guys think, what you guys would change, and your own opinion on quarter mile times (w/ a good driver, and decent weather conditions)

btw, this would be on Gsr blades with Khumo Ecstas, and Tein SS coilovers.
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