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So I have a gsr swap from hmo that has only been driven about 8k miles (since the swap was put in, ive put 3k miles on it) if what I was told is correct upon purchasing my vehicle... I have noticed that when cracking Vtec let’s say 3 times in one day, like balls to the wall first to third then two days after when I check my oil (I check it religiously) it shows up in between the two dots or 3/4 of the way tonthw second dot, completely cold which makes me worry quite a bit as it did this too when I was just learning how to drive stick, It currently has Mobil one 5w30 full synthetic in it I heard somewhere that Mobil one and Vtec engines don’t like each other lol oh and also my oil has a strong odor of gas when I check it that doesn’t seem normal to me other.. narrowing it down it could be either my valve seals or piston rings correct? Oh also forgot to mention that it does not smoke whatsoever I have never noticed any smoke cruising around, I had a couple of friends look at my rear end when I cracked Vtec and they said that they noticed some smoke coming out of the exhaust. I feel like it burns some oil in the higher rpms?
I am also planning on doing a leak down test as I’ve seen that’s the best way to really diagnose the issue.. also I have thoroughly checked under the car for any leaks and nothing was leaking I thought that it was my rear main seal but it was dry down there. Would like to know what other people think it is as I don’t have a ton of knowledge in this field so it’s better to ask people that do, anyway please help me this issue that I am having any help is appreciated and any other questions or things that you want to know to further diagnose this would gladly be answered and provided.

All the gaskets on the engine look relatively new, I believe that they were replaced two months prior of me buying the car.. head was also rebuilt at the same time

I also haven’t really noticed any loss of power just the oil consumption is a bit more than normal but yet again I do crack Vtec pretty often as I like having fun with my car, while in Vtec you burn a bit more oil right? Maybe that’s my issue because it’s only after I do a couple of pulls not after driving normally I don’t think. Also the engine is from HMO which in reality it should be super healthy unless the previous owner just absolutely beat the piss out of it lol
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