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Oil change oil

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(Please don't skim through, and draw a conclusion for me to read the article here, I already have!)

(I think the post got deleted or something the first time, so I'm going to post it again.)

I'm going to perform an oil change for the first time to my car, because I'm taking Auto Shop and I can get it lifted.

I have the correct oil filter, the tool for insert/remove, and a funnel, but I don't know what oil I should get.

The guy I was talking to at Kragen seemed a tiny bit confused on what oil so I backed off on oil at the moment.

He said get a 10W-40, and I'm not so sure if that's what I need. How is 10W-40? Is that good enough? A side note: every so often I like to race my car so high-perform and long lasting is a plus.

He also said the car only needed 3.9 Qts of Oil, and that 4 was plenty, but I remember reading the article here saying that you needed 5-6. Confusion here!

Ok, so here's my car's information:
1996 Acura Integra GSR
63,000 miles
I live in Southern California, a little below LA.

What oil weight (like 10W-40) or whatever should I get? How much of it?

Thank you so much for your responses!
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5w-30 only. Mine takes about 4 quarts including filter. If it's not enough, you can always add more, but it's kinda tough to take some out. I use Mobil because it's the cheapest, and it's what Honda uses. Good luck.
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