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jdmtyper5 on Feb/02/04 said:
Does anybody know where I would be able to find the stock Type-R bumpers, fenders and side skirts?? I have been looking all over and have yet to find them.
the bumpers side skirts and fenders are all the saem.

The side skirts are the same ones you have just painted.
The front bumper you have is the same the ITR just came with a front lip on it.

Theres no difference in fenders.

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Last time I checked I got a better deal at my dealership then I could find online, they will gouge you for small crap like bolts but lets say you wanted a bumper youll end up paying pretty much the same even if your ordering online. Specially if you get a shop discount.

I wasnt kidding at all I would never buy any body parts online or otherwise the prices are really not that bad from the dealership, they sell new unpainted body parts for the same price you would find a 98+ bumper online. I wouldnt buy headlights cause those are insane and I bought those used online. Used stuff obviously youll get a better price,but if your comparing new to new(condition used) then the price is pretty much the same.

LSsoon2bR on Feb/02/04 said:
Acura Dealership. "shadowhunter"

Dude are you serious?? haha, they'll ripp your @ss off!!
(hope you were joking)

Here some JDM sites for you (go to classifieds section)

Ohh, I forgot to say, "your welcome!"
Hope that helps you out!
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