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Tools Needed
- 12mm socket
- 14mm socket
- 17mm socket
- MATCO trailing arm bushing tool
- PB Blaster or Brake Cleaner
- White Out
- Jackstands, Jack
- Hammer

Step 1

Jack the car up, put it on jackstands and remove the wheels.

Step 2

Remove the 14mm bolt for the upper control arm at the rear of the trailing arm.

Step 3

Remove the 12mm bolt for the brake line bracket by the trailing arm bushing.

Step 4

Remove the 14mm bolt for the toe compensator arm at the front of the trailing arm.

Step 5

Remove the two 17mm bolts holding the trailing arm bushing to the car.

Step 6

Shim the trailing arm down so you have an unobstructed view of it.

Step 7

Using your PB Blaster or Brake Cleaner, spray the exposed portion of the old trailing arm bushing. This will make the process a WHOLE lot easier...

Step 8

Mark the bottom of the trailing arm bushing and the trailing arm itself with white out such that you could match the angle of rotation of the bushing. Also, mark how far out the exposed surface is from the trailing arm opening.

Step 9

Place the sleeve supplied with the bushing removal tool over the exposed side of the trailing arm bushing. Make sure that it is seated properly and not crooked. Pay particular attention to the "Up" arrow as one hook on the clamp is slightly longer than the other. Tighten the thread on the tool such that it puts pressure on the dimple of the sleeve. Run the wire clip to the inner bracket of the trailing arm bushing and loop it through. This will prevent the old bushing from shooting like a bullet in your garage...

Step 10

When you are satisfied that the tool is aligned properly with the bushing, simply turn the socket end of the tool with a 14mm ratchet or wrench and press the old bushing out.

Step 11

Wipe the area where you removed the old bushing with a rag. Next, mark the new bushing as you marked the old one so that it will line up properly.

Step 12

Put the new bushing in the hole in the trailing arm, slide the tool sleeve over it, and tighten the threaded portion of the tool to load the sleeve.

Step 13

Again, use a 14mm ratchet or wrench to press the new bushing in. Be sure to press it in to where you marked, and not any further. Also, keep an eye on the trailing arm markings so the rotation angle is correct.

Once you are here, you have pressed the new bushing in. Installation of the bolts and brackets is the reverse of the removal. You may need the hammer and jack to re-align the upper control arm bolt hole with the trailing arm hole... In addition, thanks must be given to 95SilverBullet for his input with this article.

Please forward all questions to myself or 95SilverBullet. Thanks
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