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So I've got a 98' (OBD2) GSR shell which had no ECU when I bought it and I've dropped a 94' (OBD1) engine from a parts car into it. I have a conversion harness to plug up the 94's OBD1 ECU into this 98', but I have some questions about how this swap will actually work. My understanding is that the distributor, fuel injection system, and certain sensors on the intake manifold are different between generations, but if I'm running an OBD1 ECU, will I actually need to change any of this? The one hiccup I've had actually installing this engine is a small connector on the bottom of the passenger side strut doesn't match up between the systems. The one coming from the OBD2 main harness has 3 wires (and 3 pins) whilst the one on the OBD1 engine has 2 wires (and 2 pins). I was intending to just splice the proper connector here from my donor car, but I'm not sure what it's for. Does anyone know what this connector is for, if it's even necessary, and how I can replace it if it is? Everything else on the car has matched up without issue.

I'm in the home stretch with this car now so I'm really hoping I don't have to convert my engine to OBD2 and buy an OBD2 ECU to get it running properly, thanks.

OBD2 Main harness 3-pin connector:

Corresponding main harness wires:

OBD1 Engine harness 2-pin connector:

Corresponding engine harness wires:
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