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Sounds like an EGR issue.

this was pulled from honda-tech
It's function is to slow the closing of the throttle valve when it is suddenly closed during gear shifting or deceleration.

This helps lower Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions caused by sudden engine deceleration. Upon sudden deceleration, vacuum is applied to the Dashpot diaphragm and the diaphragm rod prevents the throttle valve from closing too quickly. Vacuum slowly bleeds from the Dashpot diaphragm allowing the throttle valve to close slowly.

I had one on my 93 integra and it broke one day, I just capped the spot on the manifold and removed the unit, there were no ill effects.
Sounds like if the code really is for the EGR valve, it's something you'll have to replace to meet Rego most likely. Minnesota doesn't have rego so I would gut it here but you'll need to double check what regulation looks like in your area.
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