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So, I figured I'd post about this since I don't have enough time to do anything productive before my next meeting....

A few of us were asked to help NSXPO with instructors and man, did we save that event.

Day 1 was rainy and slick. If you've ever been on track in the wet before, nothing compares to the skating rink that is Mid Ohio's dry line when wet. One must drive COMPLETELY off the dry line to keep the car going where its supposed to go at speeds as low as 15MPH on street tires.

We had a veritable spin fest with a lot of new novice drivers, so it was kind of a trial by fire to have brand new to track driving folks have to learn mid ohio in the rain. kudos to those guys...

Day 2 was much better. I actually topped out 4th gear in the R on the GSR gearbox and managed to roll a corvette!

At the end of day 2, with a student in the car riding shotgun, the clutch blew out in the R and I had to call it a day. One call to Acura and I was able to get a friction disc the next morning. Needless to say, I swapped it in and got the car home.

Other cool things that happened: pretty awesome social events tied to NSXPO. If you can afford the time off, it's pretty cool.

Peter Cunningham and Real Time Racing were there doing shakedown tests on the new TLX-GT with the advanced drivers. If we had the foresight to record video that day, we'd have video of the TLX! Doh!

Still, even with all the crap with the R, it was a fun event and good times were had by all.

Once I figure out a good, FREE, unlimited length, picture-in-picture video editor, a bunch of videos will start popping up.


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