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No solution for my clutch help !!

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Allright so here is some more news . I went to the mechanic today and we tried to get the car in any gear but it didnt go.the car goes in gear fine when its off. So i put the car in 1 st gear and started it and it was shaking so bad (trembling) so the clutch was still engage pretty much .this what has been done (NEW CLUTCHMASTER STAGE 1 & 9.5 LBS flywheel & Master / Slave Cylinder installed,replaced) The guy doesn't knwo what could be the problem furthermore and requested a transmission specialst to check it . so basically he toke a job and doesn;t know how to solve it I told him cool lets see. The mechanic thinks that the flywheel iIbought doesn't fit the car or its not made to fit it stock , he thinks it might need modification or so because its a lighter flywheel this the flywheel I bought

I am going to try to call the company and ask them for any specs of the flywheel. on my perspective i just think that the flywheel has nothing to with this, because the flywheel wouldn't fit in the first place otherwise!!! I think the installation isn't done properly or its the tranny that has gone bad or something needs to get adjusted. Please help me find a solution or if you have any idea's pm me or reply thanx alot Ravenracer
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did u put a new pilot bearing in the flywheel?? it may not be pressed in very well and could be the cause of the vibration. also, if it had problems going into gear, you could have a bad transmission bearing.
originally the clutch pedal was stiff , before all the changes, now all the stuff is done and he adjusted it from the inside and its soft ,yup new pilot bearing, bleeded the clutch already nothing
i duno about the transmission bearing !! tho
if u can grab and axle closest to the transmission try to make it move up down, left right, or whatever, if it wobbles while its in place of the transmission, u have bad tranny bearings, try both pass. axle and intermediate shaft.
Did you replace the throwout bearing? When mine went, I could only change gears while the car was off...
hmm adjusted the pedal inside and become softer .. i thin you got a brokenic instead of mechanic. you dont need to adjust the pedal freeplay bcuz you have hydrulic its auto adjust.. and if you change the pressure plate to stage one the pedal should feel the same or the old pressure plate is heavy duty thats why it feels stiffer. and for your transaxle did u use the aligning tool? and when you reinstall the transaxle did u force it? you might bend the metal that align the engine and the transaxle.
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