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Nitrous nozzle placement with JRSC

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I was thinking of mounting the nitrous nozzle where the boost switch sits. I was thinking of taking the boost switch out, and replace it with a nitrous nozzle. Will this work? Will the nitrous distribution be even? What does everyone think? I can take the boost switch out, because I have Hondata. Thanks

This is on a JRSC LS manifold, and it sits right in the middle. Seems like it would be a great idea since it will not be interfering with the supercharger blades.
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i have not played with the jrsc but with nitrous you should put the nozzle 6 inches from the throttle body, i don't think it would have an affect on the sc blades, i could be wrong with that since i have an ati and have not ran nitrous through the supercharger.

i do know that a lot of turbo people with run nitrous through the turbo to cool it down and for the power
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