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Hey everyone.

Joining the community for the first time despite having my 1988 Acura Integra LS for about 5 years now.

Found the site while trying to find places to post it for sale. I know that is against the rules so I want to try my best to contribute any way I can. However, I do not have a mechanical background and only perform basic maintenance on my car.

This is the reason for selling. I would love to keep it but I recently moved to Minneapolis and I don't have anywhere to store it in the winter (which it has been its entire life). It would be an absolute shame to see this beauty rust away so I am looking for someone with the means to care for it, take it off my hands.

Let me know if you have any questions about the car in general (no sales talk for now). It's very cool. I am the second owner. My girlfriend's uncle was the original owner and he took amazing care of this vehicle. He was a mechanic by trade and performed (nearly) all maintenance on his own.

Anyways, ask away. If you have any advice for me please let me know. I am currently having trouble with the A/C (I think the compressor clutch is dead).


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