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Hey guys im new to this forum. I took on a new challenge to build a project car. I recently got a 98 integra as a project with high miles. Im hopping to find the correct knowledge here to eventually rebuild the engine and turbo it. For the meantime im focussing on the suspension work and fixing issues from the previous owner. Im located in Northern Illinois if there is anyone else in the area, I would love the help and advice while taking this journey. Here is a picture of my POS. Thanks for having me here.


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Welcome. Nice platform to begin.
Welcome, and I agree the gen3 tegs are probably one of the best chassis to start with. Take your time and look into getting a good set of suspension including front and rear sway bars, bushings, camber kits, UCA, and Coilovers.

Your car looks likes it been heavily modded already, go through it and find out what needs to be replaced.
Hi ,
I just joined too thanks and recently bought a 98 Integra With my son. My son’s car but l'm enjoying helping him get up and running. Pulled up the floor, stripping it it down to check all floors. Drivers floor is a mess and we... cut away the bad. I want to grind/sand on areas of the drivers floor to remove rust but unsure what these lines are in the pic that are under the floor. They look like brake lines but since there’s 5 lines , likely gas lines too ? I don’t think I want to be grinding or maybe even sanding around gas lines (no leaks, they’re solid)



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